EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Unconditional Happiness In Leadership

This week, on the EIM Inside Leadership Podcast with Dr. Daphne Scott, Daphne is discussing unconditional happiness and how mindfulness practices can get you there.  This is an extremely important topic, not only for making you a better leader (which will be discussed in the episode), but also for life in general, the work-life balance, your overall well-being, and the impact you will have on those around you.

Ask yourself this question: Are you willing to be happy for the rest of your life?  This is a big question that becomes *unconditional* regardless of whether or not the circumstances are good/happy or bad/sad/etc.  Are you someone (or do you know someone) who has mood swings based on circumstances around you/them?

Creating unconditional happiness is not easy.  Daphne explains how we can do this, how we can practice it, and how we can make it a habit regardless of the circumstances.

So… are you willing to be happy for the rest of your life?


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