EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: The Comparing, Judging, Crazy Mind

Welcome back to the EIM Inside Leadership Podcast with Dr. Daphne Scott!  Daphne is talking about comparison and how it will get you nowhere…except tired, worn out and feeling worse.  Our minds have two jobs: going into the past and going into the future.  With that said, there are a few main functions of the mind.  It typically falls into 3 areas: judging, comparing and fixing in particular.  Unfortunately, our mind just does this.  It’s not our fault that it does this.  It defaults to this.

In today’s episode, Daphne will discuss how we can become aware of these issues, how we can manage them, and how we can, thus, better relate to others in our professional space, our personal lives, and to teams under our leadership.

Here’s your “homework” for the week as well: can you notice when the mind is judging another, comparing yourself to someone else, or driving hard to the hoop to fix something without asking if it is yours to fix?  What do these mind states feel like in your body?


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