EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Overreaching on Resilience

Welcome back to EIM’s Inside Leadership Podcast with Daphne Scott!  Today, Daphne will be discussing resilience.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back from less than savory experiences in life.  Resilience is NOT toughing it out.  It is not enduring those things that are completely intolerable.  It does not mean that staying up extremely late to get work done and tough it out qualifies you as resilient.  It IS, however, our ability to bounce back.  We do that by cultivating times of renewal: breathing, meditation, and taking moments of rest are a few examples.  We need micro and macro breaks to renew our resilience.

The worst thing you can do, when needing this micro or macro break, is to stop work and immediately check the news or Facebook or, really, anything on your phone.  You’re actually not achieving a moment of rest and renewal.

Daphne has some great tips and encouragement in today’s episode to help you to, not only achieve those moments of renewal and rest, but to also take your physical, mental, and emotional health back to a state of well-being and overall efficiency.


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