Inside Leadership Podcast: Working With Withholds

It’s the Inside Leadership Podcast! Daphne Scott is joined by Katie Hendricks to discuss the idea of Working with Withholds.  What does that mean?  Essentially… secrets.  It’s amazing how secrets actually impact us mentally and physically.  Sigmund Freud said that “secrets will make you sick.”

There’s interesting piece of research on keeping secrets and how doing this literally impacts people’s perception of climbing a hill, for example, and how the severity of the secret impacted the natural perception of everyday tasks. Secrets, essentially, make us feel “heavier.”

Daphne and Katie explore this research and how we can unload this “heaviness” by sharing secrets, as necessary, in safe environments so it doesn’t impact our work, our life, nor make us sick!


2 responses to “Inside Leadership Podcast: Working With Withholds

  1. Interesting topic, so many of us need to explore more, especially men I would think. My girlfriend often emails herself a letter when she is upset to see how it would come across, but also a way for her to vent & THEN thinks about said feelings & their validity after she receives the email.

    1. Daphne says:

      Hi Janice! I love the option of writing and it is shown to be a very powerful practice as well. I’ve done this as well and it does seem to really work for our own processing.

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