Inside Leadership Podcast: Do You Want to Be Right?

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Daphne asks the very important question: Do you want to be right?  We all love being right, but when we HAVE to be right, what are we missing out on?  We might be missing out on some essential things in life that we can learn from and help us to grow our personal and professional lives.

There are so many perspectives, preferences, and experiences that may be “right” for us, but may be different for others.  This is what we call “arguable territory.”  For example, is that food really better than this other food?  Is that movie really the best this year while someone else thinks it’s the worst?  Who’s right?  Are either right?  Does it really even matter?

So ask yourself: do you want to be right?  Do you NEED to be right?  Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?  This is a great episode and reminder for us to learn and have the better perspective rather than always having to be right and one-up the other person.


2 responses to “Inside Leadership Podcast: Do You Want to Be Right?

  1. Boy, have I grown in this area since I opened my practice 12 yrs ago! I don’t have to be right!!! BTW, my favorite ice cream is vanilla Swiss almond, but in a restaurant, I will order coffee ice cream!

    1. Daphne says:

      Hahaha! My favorite is chocolate. It is wonderful to be able to own our preferences and see them for what they truly are. Thank you for listening and sharing in the conversation!

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