Inside Leadership Podcast: Make a Request and Stop Complaining

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Daphne discusses emotional contagion.  In the way that when we project our emotional state, whether negative or positive, that emotion is contagious to those around us.  Specifically, when we complain, we invite those around us to complain with us, thus negatively and powerfully affecting them.  We have the tendency to automatically mimic and synchronize expressions, vocalizations, postures, and movements with those of another person’s and, consequently, to converge emotionally.  These emotions are contagious because they are “embodied”. Our entire body is in reaction to our emotions, and everyone sees, hears and feels it.

Daphne shares a personal, and yet cool, story about how she conquered her complaining and asked.  Her request was answered with… well… listen to the episode to hear what actually happened!

Start by looking at your current state of emotions.  Are you complaining?  Can you ask for something you want?  Build positive emotion for yourself, daily, through appreciation.  Thank you for listening!


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