Practice Leadership Podcast: Unfair Legislative Issues in Physical Therapy | Dr. Paul Gaspar

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, Dr. Paul Gaspar joins Dr. Larry Benz. Paul is the owner of Gaspar Physical Therapy and the President of the Independent Physical Therapists of California.  

Larry will be talking with Paul about some legislative issues and what we, as physical therapists, can do to fight threatening, oppressive, and unfair policies, in particular, in regards to worker’s comp.  Specifically, Paul is in a legal battle as the iPTCA filed a formal complaint against One Call Medical Management and Align Networks.  Paul discusses a little about the case and some advice for handling situations like this in your practice.


3 responses to “Practice Leadership Podcast: Unfair Legislative Issues in Physical Therapy | Dr. Paul Gaspar

  1. Jeff Ostrowski says:

    Great podcast. Thanks for your incredible work Paul and your California colleagues as well.

    1. Paul says:

      My pleasure, Jeff. We keep winning for CA patients and PT practices and hope that the impacts come to PTs and patients in other states soon!

  2. Liza Tan says:

    Threatening and oppressive is correct. It’s fascinating getting the updates from Dr. Gaspar on the legal fight updates. We need more people like Dr. Gaspar in our profession. We have been fighting the insurance dirty tactics on our end especially BCBS tactic of duplicate payment and recovering it twice as well leaving $0 payment for the service rendered and they make it very muddy by refusing to provide reconciliation on what they took and there is no corrective action being done by BCBS. Not fixing their system seems to be BCBS’s strategy.

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