Inside Leadership Podcast: 3 Ways to Be More Mindful

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Daphne Scott will be sharing 3 ways to be more mindful.  Essentially, are you aware?  Mindfulness has been a buzzword recently and it can be defined as meditating and/or being aware.  Mindfulness has huge benefits, one of which is increasing our focus or ability to remain focused and allowing us to manage stress.

Understanding mindfulness also requires us to understand how we are mindless.  In this, there is basically some form of delusion and how we delude ourselves.  Here are three ways we can be mindless: inattention, denial, and misperception of reality.  Daphne discusses these in detail and how to, instead, turn toward being mindful.

With that said, here are the 3 ways to be mindful:

  • Pay attention and practice being where you are now, with a patient, a colleague, etc. and turn off your devices!
  • Address those things that require attention and get feedback from trusted people who support your growth, so you may see more clearly where you are denying reality.
  • Know that your happiness is within, and learn to appreciate each moment, as it will never be here again.


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