Clinical Podcast: The Solution for Your Excessive Student Loans | Dr. Joseph Reinke | FitBUX

Dr. Joseph Reinke, the founder and CEO of FitBUX, joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast this week!  FitBUX is a company designed to help physical therapists optimize their choices around where they go to PT school relative to their possible student debt.  FitBUX gets a complete snapshot of the student’s financial picture, then identifies and optimizes the best possible plan for student loans.

FitBUX looks at what they call “human capital,” which goes beyond just finance-related questions and into the skills you’ve acquired, education you’ve attained, previous employment, and earning potential to name a few.  FitBUX teaches the students to use their human capital to efficiently and effectively pay off student loans and earn an income.

Jeff, John, and Joe discuss the student loan crisis and how students are having to put off life choices like marriage and future plans in order to pay off excessive student loans.  FitBUX offers solutions for this and these are discussed in today’s episode!

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