Clinical Podcast: Social Media and Physical Therapy with Stephania Bell of ESPN

This week on the EIM Clinical Podcast, Stephania Bell joins John and Jeff!  Stephania has had a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the sports media side of PT including, now, part of ESPN.  Stephania has also been a tremendous voice for the PT profession.  Stephania shares her story starting out in manual therapy and how she moved into a media role and working with ESPN, including the struggles and challenges she faced along the way.

One important topic that John, Jeff, and Stephania talk about is, not only the importance of social media in a PT practice, but also the careful attention to what you say and how you say it.  Remember, what you say on social media is permanent.  It’s always important to carefully craft what you’re going to say in a way that, yes, can challenge others, but also respects and lifts others up.  It’s a great discussion and excellent reminder.

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