About Time: #physicaltherapy Lynchpin Middleman of Middlemen’s Horrific Ways Exposed via Lawsuit

Thanks goodness for our comrades in California, specifically the Independent Physical Therapists of California (iPTCA).

This blog has unabashadly exposed #physicaltherapy Middlemen for years-those companies who extract value and enrich themselves at the expense of patients, PT clinics, and employers while driving up worker’s compensation costs per episode of care.  For a background, check out the following posts which also link to other posts:

 MisAligned Network: Heads I win, tails you lose approach to #physicaltehrapy

 Middlemen’s Middleman

Last week, iPTCA filed suit as reported here by iPTCA and here by workcomp Central.  

*updated. Here is the actual suit filed.

If you have ever been taken by their ways-including steering patients to the lowest reimbursed provider, retweet away.  This is one March where the Madness has finally been challenged in a bracket that will be busted.


Anybody have any experience with this?


2 responses to “About Time: #physicaltherapy Lynchpin Middleman of Middlemen’s Horrific Ways Exposed via Lawsuit

  1. Terry Abrams says:

    It’s not fair that insurance companies control most of the treatment a patient can receive. Many times it can hold the therapist hostage and not be able to fully treat someone because of some loophole, or red tape in the insurance.

  2. Paul Potter says:

    Thanks to Paul Gaspar and the IPTCA taking on the blue bloods in a head to head match up. May the IPTCA underdogs get the upset and bust the brackets wide open. My this year’s tournament bracket is a bust so I look forward to having someone else to cheer for.

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