EIM Clinical Podcast: Population Health with Mike Eisenhart

This week on The EIM Clinical Podcast, we chat with Mike Eisenhart, who is pivotal in the topic of “population health” in physical therapy.  Mike shares what population health really is as well as his role in population health, the challenges that we, as physical therapists face, and some solutions we can apply to our practices and businesses.

Mike also challenges us to know and understand critical elements of patients’ health, including nutrition, for example, in order to be a true comprehensive provider.  It’s an excellent conversation chock full of great tips!

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One response to “EIM Clinical Podcast: Population Health with Mike Eisenhart

  1. Great podcast guys!!
    There is a critical need in businesses, ala Dave Chase writings. Costs are through the roof and damaging the economic structure of businesses and the lives of people working there. There is an equal critical step in educating ourselves, getting comfortable with other service providers in this space, and collaborating with them.

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