Clinical Podcast: The Movement System with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

Dr. Shirley Sahrmann joins us this week on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Shirley is most well-known for her popularization of the Movement System Impairment Syndromes (MSI) courses which teaches how to properly observe, identify, and treat impairments of the movement system.

Dr. Sahrmann shares her journey in physical therapy and the world of academics. She’s very honest and unfiltered about her experiences and thoughts on the health system, physical therapy, and the importance of movement in each person’s life. Shirley also shares some incredible advice at the end of the episode.

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3 responses to “Clinical Podcast: The Movement System with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

  1. It is always inspiring to hear my mentor Shirley speak. Thank you Shirely. Refreshing to hear her comments regarding “it is Okay” to add diagnostic classification to her established movement sytem impairment classification. There is a need to add classifications to the current published MSI classification for foot/ankle. If, I have seen farther than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants, Isaac Newton, 1676. Now we need to use Shirley’s example and to the hard work, as she has done.

  2. Appreciate Sahrmann’s contributions and commitment to the physical profession. Her impact is undeniable. Myself, and others, have concerns not just with concept of “movement system impairments” but the whole concept of the human movement system.

    This short podcast on categorizing mental disorders is directly applicable to the PTs often fraught attempts at creating diagnostic categories and schemes.

    We would likely face many of the same issues mentioned in the podcast, spanning from research to clinical practice.

    A bit off topic, I know, but want to direct people to some in depth discussion surrounding the concept of the human movement system:

    Feedback, critique, and discussion always encouraged.

  3. Thank you John for this great post you made my dream came true Dr Sherman is our mentor and Sherman told briefly on MSI.

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