Keep the Wolves & Opioids Away

After being in St. Louis last week for #AAOMPT2016, I am coming down from the great programming and keynote speakers at the conference.  If you haven’t been to an AAOMPT conference, make it a priority next year (it will be in Salt Lake City, UT).  My highlight from the conference was Tim Flynn’s Distinguished Lecture.  Tim provided a very moving talk on why he left medicine in America- see his past post on this topic here.  This post is going to be short and sweet because Tim provided this quick video that needs to be shared and spread with the masses.  In a time in healthcare where many only experience the negative side of the medical fence, PTs have the ability and vision to change the face of modern healthcare.  If you #ChoosePT, we will keep the wolves and opioids away.

– Mark    @ShepDPT

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  1. You are correct opiates are not a treatment for long term chronic pain

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