Manipalooza 2015!

ManipaloozaThe excitement is building!  Just a few more days to the annual hands on festival of manipulation, mentorship, friendship, mastery, networking, sharing, and caring, all sprinkled with music.  i am looking forward to a great lineup of speakers and workshops, however what I anticipate most is the energy of over a 100 physical therapists that make everyday are making a difference.  Having read and reread Atul Gawande’s excellent in depth article in the New Yorker I am reminded yet again that despite the rampant overutilization of expensive, risky, and minimally effective health care their remains effective solutions.  When it comes to musculoskeletal care and pain management these solutions are squarely in the skill set of the physical therapist.  There are a hundred ways that we make a difference, but in the end it is our caring and unfettered belief in those individuals facing challenges that we have the honor to work with.   -Tim


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