EIM’s New Pelvic Health Certificate Program!

As we continue to push the envelope and give therapists the opportunity to be the best, we are excited to announce EIM’s newest offering, a Pelvic Health Certificate (PHC) Program. The first cohort will launch in January 2015, and we hope that you’ll join us! At first glance, a pelvic health certification may appear to be a departure from some of the programs we have championed thus far in orthopedics, sports, and manual therapy. However, this is pelvic health education unlike anything else that currently exists, and I’d like to share a few thoughts on how this is the case.

The pelvic floor has been a “black hole” in physical therapy education. Many entry-level DPT programs either don’t mention it, or students get the briefest of introductions–frankly, just enough to scare people away. Sadly, once you are finished with school, you’ll be hard pressed to find a continuing education course that mentions the pelvic floor unless you find a course with “women’s health” in the title. Unfortunately, this is a sure way to dissuade many orthopedic therapists from being interested because of the immediate association of pelvic therapy with the need to perform internal vaginal and/or rectal examinations. 

As a result, we have intentionally not referred to this new program as “women’s health”. You can provide a ton of benefit without having to have your patients disrobe. Additionally, pelvic floor dysfunction in men is extremely common (ie, post prostatectomy, sports injuries, etc.), so men represent a growing demographic of individuals who benefit from specialized therapy to address these needs. On that note, we’re really hoping to disrupt the typical demographic of those typically seeking expertise in pelvic floor rehabilitation by enrolling as many or more male PTs in the certification process!

The format will consist of a 12-month program comprised of our signature blend of online didactic and in-person hands on training to provide a comprehensive understanding of the pelvis and pelvic floor. Our lead faculty are Drs. Jennifer Stone and Lisa Kiesel, each of whom are superb clinicians and recognized experts in the field. Both of them have also been integrally involved in previous EIM programming so know EIM’s culture and expectation for teaching excellence as well as anyone.

This certificate program is geared for any PT whose goal is to provide the best, most well-rounded treatment possible to patients with low back or SI joint pain, an athletic population, or help spare patients with hip pain from unnecessary surgical procedures. And finally…yes-to become what has been traditionally known as a “women’s health” physical therapist, or a therapist who primarily specializes in and treats the pelvic floor. The bottom line is that physical therapists-the movement experts-can’t afford to be ignorant about a musculoskeletal structure and system that literally represents the basis for all movement and stability in the human body. 

You can view more details regarding the curriculum here. You’ll receive valuable tools that add tremendous value to all of your patients-manual therapy techniques, neuromuscular retraining strategies, and information about incorporating in the psychosocial aspects of pelvic pain as well. Additionally, you’ll receive detailed information about evaluation and treatment of common musculoskeletal issues during pregnancy and the postpartum period. For some, the pelvic floor is the primary problem while for others it is more of a secondary issue…but every single one of your patients has a pelvic floor, and the evidence increasingly suggests we need to give it far more attention than is typically afforded. To be clear, the program will equip you to evaluate and treat problems using both internal and external techniques; however, only the second management has an internal component, so there is much to offer even the most reluctant PTs who are not inclined to do internal work.

If you find yourself still on the fence, you might consider that we’re about the only healthcare professional with the requisite background to be proficient in managing patients with pelvic floor dysfunction. Orthopods can manage the bony structure of the pelvis/hips; OB/GYNs are experts in the reproductive organs; urologists are experts in the bladder and male reproductive organs; and yet these professions typically do not receive any education about the pelvic floor. We genuinely believe it’s up to us to disrupt the status quo whereby patients with pelvic floor disorders are passed from provider to provider, only to be advised about highly invasive options such as surgery “complemented” with a polypharmacy strategy, none of which addresses the underlying issues (and mostly unnecessarily drive up costs and risks).

We look forward to helping you expand your clinical skills and set your practice apart as offering the best and most comprehensive care to your patients. Come join us! As an incentive to get started now, we’re offering anyone who enrolls in the initial cohort starting in January 2015 a 7.5% discount! Please reach out directly to Dr. Stone at [email protected] if you have any questions about the curriculum or how to apply. As always, you can certainly reach out to me at [email protected] as well. We look forward to hearing from you!


23 responses to “EIM’s New Pelvic Health Certificate Program!

  1. Brett A. Minter says:

    Will EIM be helping to fill the “black hole” by adding pelvic floor training to the transitional DPT program?

  2. John Childs says:

    Brett, we will certainly offer a post-professional DPT option that can be completed in conjunction with the pelvic health certificate program.


  3. Jennifer Stone says:

    To clarify-this program WILL include traditional pelvic floor training (internal assessment and intervention) as well as a plethora of external techniques. The therapist who completes this program will be fully equipped to incorporate the pelvic floor into their treatment process for all orthopedic patients as well as to treat those patients who have a pelvic floor dysfunction as their primary pathology. There is something to offer even a reluctant practitioner in this area, but those who desire to become what has traditionally been referred to as a “women’s health” physical therapist will also be fully trained and equipped for excellence!

  4. Cathy says:

    If I have recently completed my DPT thru EIM what is the cost considering I have already taken 2 of the courses? Also do previous EIM students have to complete the entire application process?

    1. Jessie says:

      Hello Cathy, For those EIM students who have successfully completed the LumboPelvic Management Course and the EBP-I Course in the past 5 years, they may apply this credit towards the Pelvic Health Certification. This reduces the cost of the Pelvic Health Certification to $4,375 for the remaining coursework to be completed.

      All applicants are required to complete the application as each EIM Program is tracked separately with unique admission requirements. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] for additional information!

  5. Marti says:

    I am an OT with 18 years experience looking for further training in pelvic floor dysfunction. I notice this course is for PTs, would an OT be able to take your courses?

    1. Jennifer Stone says:

      Yes OTs can take the curriculum, either as continuing education or as the full pelvic health certificate. The pelvic health certificate does include a lot of information about the low back and pelvic girdle as well, which I think is crucial to successfully treating the pelvic floor. We would be more than happy to provide you with any additional information as well!

      1. Aida E Olvera-Dyckes says:

        i too would like to become certified. Is it in the scope of practice for Occupational therapist. I am getting conflicting answers

  6. Eileen says:

    Are the onsite courses still being taught in TX and IL this year?

    1. Jennifer Stone says:

      Hi Eileen,
      The pelvic health online weekend courses are being taught in Atlanta, GA (weekend intensive 1 in August 2016) and Dallas, TX (weekend intensive 2 in October 2016) this year. As the program continues to grow, we will hopefully expand to have multiple offerings for each! Let us know if you have further questions.

  7. Joy says:

    Is there a course which would be appropriate for physicians interested in treating pelvic floor disorders (specifically pain)

    1. Jennifer Stone says:

      Hi Joy,
      Pelvic Health 2 would be the most appropriate option for that. Be aware, we are approaching it from a physical therapy standpoint, so we will talk a lot about evaluation and treatment from a PT point of view. The women’s health specialist physician that I work closely with clinically does an exam that is almost identical to the one PTs perform so I feel this would be quite helpful for you. What we won’t discuss in depth though, are some of the medical management aspects that you might be interested in-things like medication dosages, trigger point injection technique, etc. I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions for you and see how we could help you out! [email protected]
      Jennifer Stone, Program Director, Pelvic Health Certificate

  8. Tress Gibson says:

    Can an international PT take this program as well? (ie- Canadian trained?)

    1. Jennifer Stone says:

      Yes! We have had 3 Canadian participants so far!

  9. Miriam says:

    I am a physician assistant who is interested in treating vaginismus patients. Could I take this certification?

    1. Jennifer Stone says:

      You definitely could. Much of the certification focuses on treatment techniques used by physical therapists to assist these patients, but I think you would benefit significantly and we would love to have your input and point of view in our discussions as well!

      1. Miriam says:

        What courses would I need to take for the certification?

        1. Jennifer Stone says:

          Here is a link with all required courses and other information! https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/pelvic-health-certification/

  10. nancy hernandez says:

    is your certification credited by the APTA and how long and how much is the total certification?

    1. Jennifer Stone says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Yes, EIM is an approved CE/certification provider. Here is a link with all the information regarding length of study, cost, etc. https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/pelvic-health-certification/

  11. Kathy Hobbs, PT says:

    I am interested in the certification. I also would like to know what class I could take to learn more about the male population, specifically after prostatectomy.

    1. Jennifer Stone says:

      Hi Kathy,
      There is information about the certification including class descriptions, etc. here: https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/pelvic-health-certification/
      We discuss male patients throughout, but if you specifically want to learn about male patients post prostatectomy, you would want to choose the post operative elective course and the special populations elective course as part of your studies. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist or answer questions!

    2. Mitch Holtkamp PT says:

      Hi Kathy, I hope all is well! We could use more Pelvic Floor PTs in town. Please do this!

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