Medicare Pays $4 Million to a Physical Therapist

With a little digging, you can quickly learn that the $4 million pay out did go to an individual who has a valid NPI.  The gentleman also has a valid license to practice as a physical therapist AND the number on his license matches the NPI number.

His numbers are SO huge… he’s got to have a fantastically LARGE facility and an even larger parking lot right?

Guess again, folks….

4 million

Although I can’t tell the square footage of the facility, I do know that based on his numbers from 2012, that parking lot should be packed! 8 evals a day plus all the units that had to be billed in a day would mean lots of cars at any given period of time. Hmm, unless of course his clientele walked to the clinic… Doubtful. With $4 million he could make the place look much better than the dump I see in this image!

I’ll be contacting someone tomorrow on this issue. Who should I contact: OIG? FBI? Medicare fraud hotline?

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7 responses to “Medicare Pays $4 Million to a Physical Therapist

  1. Ryan Grella says:

    Furthermore you can dig a little deeper and see that Brooklyn has only 11.5% of the population at 65 years or older. Compare that to a place like Sun City Florida with 83% of the population older than 65 years and the red flags should go up even more……..

  2. John Ware, PT says:

    Something tells me that Brooklyn has a large population of patients collecting SSI benefits who have also qualified for Medicare. Is that a low-income housing project behind his clinic? I’ll bet he knows a lot of those folks. Or at least he knows their name and has a copy of their Medicare card.

  3. Stephen says:

    Um, anyone see the pharmacy next door? What did medicare pay out to that place?

  4. Nheitzy says:

    Just curious… have you checked everything? How many patients exactly they see a day. How many hours exactly they work? Are all of them for sure Medicare patients? What exactly are they doing as far as treatment( such as E.S., Manual Therapy, Thera ex’s etc…)? Thanks.

  5. Ron Cole PT says:

    If you Google that facility and click on their URL listing, it pulls up an Asian nail salon.

  6. Ryan Cheeley, DPT says:

    Assuming 258 work days.

    3,165 evals = 12+ evals / day

    184,200 units = 714 units / day

    Assuming 5 units / visit that’s 36,840 visits or just under 143 visits / day.

    Even with 10 PTAs working with him / her that would be an amazing feat.

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