Oppose AB 1000 and CPTA BOD Actions

Physical therapy, especially outpatient private practice, is being threatened in California.  Unfortunately, our own leaders of the California Chapter of the APTA are a significant part of the problem.  Hundreds of therapists in CA and the Independent Physical Therapists of CA (iPT CA) are very concerned about the compromises in the current version of AB 1000.

This bill will grant limited direct access while legalizing POPTS and allowing a multitude of other professions to own PT.  We believe that the compromise bill AB 1000 will harm consumers and have a significantly negative effect on our profession.

iPT CA initiated a survey of our members and other interested physical therapists in CA on Monday 5/6/13.  Within 10 hours we had over 170 responses, we are currently at 405 and counting.  Clearly, this issue is a hot button with PTs in California.

The results to date indicate that:

  • 328 (80.9%) know that AB 1000 would legalize POPTS
  • 324 (80.0%) know that President Obama & the Bipartisan Federal Deficit Commission recommended banning POPTS
  • 217 (53.5%) did NOT know that a stand-alone POPTS legalization bill had little chance of passing
  • 330 (81.4%) OPPOSE AB 1000
  • 290 (71.5%) are Somewhat or Very Dissatisfied with CPTA’s transparency & outreach to members
  • Payment, Direct Access & Referral for Profit are about equally important to respondents
  • 289 (71.3%) would consider joining an action to force CPTA to pull AB 1000

The 405 respondents represent:

  • 2,553 PTs
  • 6,394 employees
  • 693 locations/companies that could be negatively affected if AB 1000 passes

Follow this link to see a PDF of the results:  http://iptca.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Member-Survey-May-2013.pdf

We believe this clearly indicates that a significant number of PTs in CA are OPPOSED to AB 1000.

We encourage CPTA to withdraw its support of AB 1000!

For further information contact Chuck Felder, Treasurer, iPT CA, [email protected], 949.280.3449.

Author: Chuck Felder

2 responses to “Oppose AB 1000 and CPTA BOD Actions

  1. Thank you for your time in writing this! It is truly important to our profession and livelihoods. This would destroy many respectable outpatient practices.

    1. brooke says:

      Thanks for your comments and we concur that AB 1000 needs to be defeated. – Chuck Felder

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