Wrinkles on the Inside- Part 1

Wrinkles Small

Should you have an MRI for low back pain?  Check out this video by EIM faculty member Jason Rodeghero.  if you or someone in your life is contemplating an MRI- this might change your mind!  The large volume of  I frequently use the phrase “that is just a wrinkle on the inside” when discussing the common radiographic findings that we see in OA.  As you know wrinkles do not hurt but are outward signs of aging, we also have inward signs of aging (normal age related changes) that show as disc bulges, herniations, and the dreaded “degenerative disk disease.”  Please be sure and use this to help with your educational programs.  -Tim

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  1. Christopher Bryan says:

    Well done! I’m going to ask my supervisor to let me show the video at our next staff meeting. Moreover, I’m going to email the link to some of the forward thinking doc’s I work with. This would actually be a tremendous tool for in- clinic patient education. If I had a nickel for every time a patient asked me if they needed and MRI…..

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