EIM Launches Trigger Point Dry Needling Courses

The Evidence In Motion (EIM) Institute of Health Professions, created to assist in the continued education of physical therapists, is pleased to announce the much anticipated release of their Trigger Point Dry Needling courses.

EIM’s Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) and Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ISTM) instruction is designed as a two-part series that consists of Lower Quarter and Upper Quarter courses. These courses teach effective examination and treatment techniques that target trigger points and soft tissue impairments throughout the lower and upper quarters to decrease pain and improve range of motion and function in patients. The TDN and ISTM courses are delivered in a blended learning fashion, combining a pre-onsite, online curricula with a flexible two or three day hands-on weekend intensive to develop TDN and ISTM skills.

“Both TDN courses are designed to give participants the fundamental tools and information they need to get their patients better, faster,” states Tim Flynn, PT, PhD, developer and faculty member for EIM’s TDN and ISTM courses and EIM part-owner. “Because of this, EIM is excited to provide this type of course to our students for the first time.”

Features for the TDN and ISTM course series include:

  • A pre-onsite, online curricula (8 contact hours) that discusses the therapeutic effects, mechanisms, safety, and legal issues involved with dry needling.
  • Flexible onsite lab intensive hours to meet the training requirements defined in each participants’ state of practice. Lab hours range from 18-27 hours per course and 26-54 hours for the 2-part course series.
  • Participants are awarded 26 to 35 contact hours from the EIM Institute of Health Professions upon the completion of each course.
  • Participants receive dry needling supplies needed for the course and to treat patients back in their clinic on Monday morning.
  • The course is taught by experts in the PT field, such as Tim Flynn, PT, PhD; Andrew Bennett, PT, DPT; and Mike Walker, PT, DSc.

Enrollment for the next TDN and ISTM for the Lower Quarter Course is now open on the EIM website. The course onsite will be held on November 3-5, 2012 in Arlington, Virginia, with pre-onsite materials available on October 5, 2012.

Lower and Upper Quarter Courses are offered throughout the year, so please check the EIM website for the latest course schedule and pricing.

About Evidence In Motion (EIM):
Evidence in Motion (EIM) is an education and consultation company whose sole reason of existence is to elevate the physical therapy profession and the role of physical therapists in healthcare delivery. A strong dedication to fostering the creation and assimilation of an evidence-based practice culture within the physical therapy profession is a cornerstone of EIM’s mission. The EIM Team has implemented evidence-based practice treatment pathways in many facilities and aims to promote the global sharing of information and ideas, thus advancing evidence-based physical therapy practice, research and education around the world. EIM offers Continuing Education, Certification Tracks, Residencies, a Fellowship Program, a Musculoskeletal Transition DPT, and an Executive Program in Private Practice Management with optional Transition DPT. For more information, please visit EvidenceInMotion.com. You can also find EIM on Facebook and Twitter, @EIMTeam.