New iPhone Application Helps Clinicians Manage Fall Risk in Patients

A new Apple iOS application launching today, developed through a partnership between Evidence In Motion (EIM) and Shubert Consulting, will help physical therapists in identifying and managing patients who are at high risk of falling and educating older adults on preventative actions. Every 18 minutes an older adult dies from a fall and many of these falls can be prevented by early screening and intervention. Physical therapists are the ideal providers to lead this change in how care is provided and this app is a first step. It uses the most current evidence-based tools to mitigate and manage each patient’s risk and is designed to guide a physical therapist through a simple but effective fall risk screen.

The Fall Prevention application is based on the Center for Disease Control’s 2012 STEADI tool kit, which simplifies and standardizes fall risk screening for healthcare providers treating adults who are at risk of falling or may have fallen in the past.

“This application gives physical therapists a hands-on tool that allows them to ask patients a series of questions to determine their risk for falling,” states Tiffany Shubert, PhD, MPT, EIM Faculty member and President of Shubert Consulting. “We put a great deal of time into the development to ensure it was user-friendly while also being a great resource.”

Patients are asked subjective questions and given a physical evaluation and their results are entered into the application. The application then recommends strategies, interventions, and education to each patient based on their results.  The Fall Prevention App also provides up-to-date resources and emails results to both the patient and the therapist.  The Apple iOS Fall Prevention application costs $4.99 and is also available for Android.

The Fall Prevention App, the latest in EIM’s family of applications, was created in a partnership with Shubert Consulting, a firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with expertise in translating research into practical clinical applications.

To purchase the application, click here.