Evidence In Motion’s 2015 Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS) Test Prep Course Participants Have 90% Pass Rate

Louisville, KY (PRWEB)

Evidence In Motion (EIM) is proud to announce that physical therapists who completed their Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS) test prep course tested 13% higher than the national average, with a 90% pass rate on the American Physical Therapy Association’s exam. This is the 2nd year therapists who completed this course have averaged 90% or above on the exam.

The 16-week self-paced study program is web-based and offers students an interactive, media-rich way to prepare for the exam. Participants typically start the course four-to-five months prior to the OCS exam. Coursework integrates journal articles, online video presentations, Mind-Maps, weekly summaries, and additional online resources. The course’s curriculum takes a regional approach, combining test taking strategies, upper extremities, cervical and thoracic spines, lower extremities, lumbar spine and pelvis, critical inquiry, and miscellaneous topics and review.

“The goal was to create an interactive program that would allow therapists to customize their test preparation, encouraging them to focus on their specific areas of weakness and spend less time on their strong suits,” said David Browder, PT, DPT, OCS, EIM faculty member and course creator. “We’re very proud of this year’s students and the hard work they put into preparing for the exam.”

The online course, which was created four years ago, is open to all licensed physical therapists, who receive 58 contact hours from the EIM Institute of Health Professions upon completion. Participants have the opportunity to bounce ideas and questions off one another in the “OCS-preppers” online forum and receive weekly summaries of the most “need to know” information. The forum allows students to engage with one another and serves as another resource when dealing with certain questions and test sections.

The course, while unique for each student, features pre-test, post-test and weekly online quizzes in a format similar to the OCS exam, stimulating the exam environment, identifying knowledge gaps and assessing learning.

The OCS Test Prep Course is available online at https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/educational-offerings/course/ocs-test-prep-course/and can be purchased for $495. Practices interested in purchasing multiple copies of the course can contact EIM directly at info(at)eimpt(dot)com for a group discount.