ISPI Webinar: Words That Harm and Words That Heal in The Front Office

  • Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • Dr. Adriaan Louw CEO, Program Director of ISPI
  • 8:00 PM EDT

More than 100 million Americans are currently experiencing some form of persistent pain. Persistent pain is associated with increased utilization of healthcare dollars, added burden on healthcare providers and ancillary staff. It is now well established that pain is produced by a person’s brain when it perceives there is a threat. Threats come in different forms including injury, surgery, emotional distress and more. New research has shown that by altering the threat the brain perceives, pain can be influenced significantly.

One powerful way to alter threat is the information we provide patients. The choice of words used by clinicians, support staff and even office personnel truly has the ability to harm or heal, and that includes the context, tone, and other factors involving the interactions with patients.

This webinar, using the latest neuroscience research, provides attendees with the latest understanding of how pain works and showcases current front-office and medical interactions that can harm patients, sometimes unknowingly. On the flip side, the webinar features various front-office strategies that can help patients along their recovery path, starting with the first phone call. Medical care starts and ends in the front-office and for too long have this important factor been overlooked.

Following the education session, we invite you to join Dr. Adriaan Louw, Program Director and CEO of ISPI, as he provides an overview of ISPI’s certification programs: Certified Spinal Manual Therapist; Therapeutic Pain Specialist Certification; NEW International Therapeutic Pain Certification. For more information about these courses, go to


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