Webinar: The Neuroscience of Athletes, Pain, Sports Performance and the Brain

  • Wednesday, January 17, 2018
  • 7:00 PM CT

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About the Webinar

The Neuroscience of Athletes, Pain, Sports Performance and the Brain is brought to you by International Spine & Pain Institute. Pain is common in athletes. Most therapeutic interventions focus on structural tissue-based issues in terms of tests and treatment. Pain, however is far more complex. It is now well understood that the brain is extremely busy during a pain experience – the same brain that controls…sports performance. This webinar will update attendees on the latest neuroscience of pain, with an emphasis on structural and functional changes in the brain during a pain experience. Then, taking the knowledge of brain activation during a pain experience into consideration, various aspects of sports performance will be analyzed based on compelling new research: The brain activation between a novice and professional athlete is vastly different and how does pain impact this? Can the brain multitask? A brain processing pain puts increase demand on the energy supply of the brain; motor learning is strengthened during sleep; modulating vision enhances sports performance; what is optimal arousal for the brain? This webinar is a MUST for anyone interested in the advances in sports performance and the brain. This webinar will also provide attendees evidence-based strategies to influence the brain in immediate take-home tests and treatments including laterality training, sensory discrimination, neuroscience education, graded motor imagery, mirror therapy, etc.

Following the education session, we invite you to join Dr. Adriaan Louw, Program Director and CEO of ISPI, as he provides an overview of ISPI’s certification programs: Certified Spinal Manual Therapist; Therapeutic Pain Specialist Certification; NEW International Therapeutic Pain Certification. For more information about these courses, go to ispinstitute.com.