Clinical Podcast: Collision Course with Pain Reframed | Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore

John has spent a lot of time on a plane recently, so our friends over at the Pain Reframed podcast stepped up to join Mark this week! Tim Flynn and Jeff Moore, two of the Pain Reframed co-hosts, and Mark discuss how our social structure affects us as providers and its influence on our patient encounters.

Dr. Tim Flynn…

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Unpacking the Unholy Mess of EHR in America

Recently, Fortune published a nearly 9,000-word story on the “unholy mess” of EHRs in America titled, “Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong.” It’s an incredibly well-written, well-researched piece that is, quite frankly, utterly depressing. In fact, if you’re still seething over the effects of the opioid crisis, you may…

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Clinical Podcast: Healthcare Education and Innovation | Dr. Mike Wong

This week’s episode of the Clinical Podcast is all about innovation! John Childs and Mark Shepherd are joined by Dr. Mike Wong, an associate professor at Azusa Pacific University. Mike is also the co-founder of the rehab platform PhysioU. He, Mark, and John discuss the disconnect between research and clinical practice, why it’s such a major issue…

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Constipation is One of My Clinical Interests and Passions

Here’s a phrase I never thought I would say: constipation is one of my clinical interests and passions.

Yep, you read that correctly.

And here is another: all therapists should care about constipation, because it impacts the systems and structures that you are working with. If we are taking our rightful places as primary musculoskeletal care providers for our…

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Clinical Podcast: From Clinician to Leader | Dr. Jason Silvernail

This week, we’re welcoming Jason Silvernail to the Clinical Podcast! Jason is a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience, most of which has been spent in the U.S. Army. Currently, he’s the Assistant Chief of Staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He, Mark, and John discuss how he ended up there, where they think…

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EIM Inside Leadership: Get Eudaimonic

This week, Daphne Scott is tackling a huge topic: how to find a meaningful life. She looks at some advice from Aristotle, a few of the myths surrounding our never-ending pursuit of a purposeful life, and how you can take this from an ideal to a reality.

What gives you meaning in your life?


Twitter – @DaphneScott

Twitter – @EIMTeam…

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A Little Love for Case Reports

Peer reviewed case reports have been a common study design published in the medical literature.  Although they are at the lower end of the levels of evidence pyramid, I still have gotten valuable information from a well written, peer reviewed case report.


As seen in the level of evidence pyramid, we often put high value on randomized control trials…

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Clinical Podcast: PT, Nursing, and Primary Care | Dr. Jamie Lee

This week on the Clinical Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Jamie Lee! Jamie graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Marquette University, then pursued an orthopaedic residency. However, while practicing as a PT, he returned to school and got his nursing degree. Jamie, Mark, and John discuss how his unique background has influenced how he treats his patients…

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Inside Leadership: Bringing in the Good

Have you ever noticed how much time our mind spends planning for the inevitable shoe to drop? And have you ever noticed that when you look at those quarterly or weekly numbers, you always look at what isn’t going well first?

This week, Daphne examines an antidote to balance out that habit and looks at the science of prospection…

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