Clinical Podcast: PT in the Emergency Room | Dr. Carleen Jogodka

On this week’s Clinical Podcast, John Childs and Mark Shepherd are joined by Dr. Carleen Jogodka, a physical therapist practicing in the Emergency Department. They discuss what it’s like to be a PT in the ED, why physical therapy can work in the ED, and how PTs can help fight opioid addiction by serving as a primary care…

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EIM Inside Leadership: Letting Go of Perfection

This week on the EIM Inside Leadership podcast, Daphne Scott talks about perfection and all of the ways it can derail us. She also
shares a key practice of her own that keeps her moving away from perfection and instead, towards appreciation and gratitude.


Twitter – @DaphneScott

Twitter – @EIMTeam…

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Clinical Podcast: Is Residency Worth It? | Dr. Zac Morgan

This week, we’re following up with a former guest, Zac Morgan! Zac reflects on his experience with EIM’s residency, the impact that it’s had on his career, and why it was worth the investment, both financially and professionally.

Dr. Zac Morgan is a board-certified orthopaedic specialist and graduate of the Evidence In Motion Orthopaedic Physical Therapy…

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EIM Inside Leadership: Courteous but Not Curious

Working with our knowledge is crucial. However, when we go beyond that knowledge, like overriding our car’s headlights, trouble can arise.

Daphne Scott examines how being polite can hide our hyper-focus on the patient’s medical issues, at the expense of their feelings and other aspects of their lives that impact their health.

How do you practice empathy…

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It’s Time to Overhaul PT Education: One Major Takeaway from the 2019 Graham Sessions

I’ve been attending the Graham Sessions for five consecutive years now, and each year, I return home more fiery and passionate about our industry—as well as the value we bring to our patients and our communities. Of course, this year was particularly special, because I had the honor of delivering a “What I Believe” speech—which, as I…

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Pain Neuroscience “Communication” vs. Pain Neuroscience Education

Align 2019 in Denver was another great experience with almost 400 health care providers networking and learning more about pain. The presentations had nugget after nugget of great information to advance our care for those with pain. If you did not make it, check out #align2019 for a recap of some of the great tweets. Also consider coming next year…

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EIM Inside Leadership: Time Isn’t Money

We’ve got an exciting announcement: the EIM Inside Leadership podcast with Daphne Scott is returning on a weekly basis!

This week, Daphne takes the old adage, “Time is money,” and turns it on its head. She looks at what why we work, why our work should support our life (not the other way around), and why more Americans should…

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