Therapeutic Alliance: Start With Why

Do you strive on a daily basis to improve your therapeutic alliance with your patients?

Do you try to form stronger relationships with your patients, physician referral sources, and co-workers?

A hot topic in healthcare has been this idea of therapeutic alliance.  Research has mentioned this as being a key in our delivery of positive patient outcomes.  In 2010…

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Clinical Podcast: Ascend, WebPT, and Words of Wisdom | Heidi Jannenga

Dr. Heidi Jannenga, President and Co-Founder of WebPT, joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Heidi shares a little about her story co-founding WebPT and providing helpful solutions for physical therapists. She also shares quite a bit of what happened at the Ascend Conference that WebPT recently hosted. It was a very exciting conference and we hope to…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Bet on Chronic Pain

Welcome back for a BRAND NEW Season of the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast!! Dr. Larry Benz is very excited for season 2 of this show, bringing you a series of episodes on the topic of “big bets.” Bets that we need to make in physical therapy. Larry discussed these bets at the recent Ascend Conference, from WebPT, in Phoenix.


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The Danger of Sedentary Behavior and What to do About It

You have probably heard the statement “sitting is the new smoking”. However, are you aware of the magnitude of sedentary behavior among our patients?

Are we doing anything about it?

What should we be doing?

Magnitude of the issue
Since 9 hours of sedentary time is associated with increased morbidity, disability, and mortality it is very concerning that adults…

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Clinical Podcast: How To Do Private Practice RIGHT | Maggie Henjum

If you’re thinking about opening a physical therapy private practice that serves a niche market and has an organic feel, today’s episode is for you! We welcome Maggie Henjum from Motion Minnesota to the EIM Clinical Podcast!

Maggie has had incredible success starting a private practice and watching it grow to multiple locations in a relatively short amount…

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Clinical Podcast: Creating a Culture of Excellence with Dr. Bill Koch

Dr. Bill Koch joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Bill has been a leader in physical therapy education and is known for taking principles in advanced training and working them into a system to create a culture of excellence that has created a huge ROI. Bill will discuss how you can develop and maintain that type of culture we…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How to Burn Out Your Team

Watching people try to multitask is a pretty fun thing to do. Especially at meetings. You’ve already heard Daphne say that it’s impossible to multitask. It’s actually, instead, called task-switching, which is a HUGE cognitive cost. That leads to lack of efficiency and effective results.

But here’s the question: are YOU, as a leader, multitasking…

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