Inside Leadership Podcast: Do You Want to Be Right?

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Daphne asks the very important question: Do you want to be right?  We all love being right, but when we HAVE to be right, what are we missing out on?  We might be missing out on some essential things in life that we can learn from and help us to grow our personal and…

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Too Many Too Many’s – NSAIDs

We are thirsty in the rain.  We have too much medical care and not enough “health” care.

This is the second in the series of Too Many Too Many’s and today we would like to highlight the overutilization of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) both medically prescribed and self-prescribed.   More than 70 million prescriptions for NSAIDs are…

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I Am Not Defined By A Technique

I am a physical therapist.  I am a physical therapist who uses manual therapy.  One who uses exercise in many forms.  I use pain neuroscience and specific treatments to address persistent pain (PNE, graded motor imagery, graded activity and exposure).  I dry needle.  I use heat, ice and, hell, sometimes I might use ultrasound.  However, the most important clinical “technique…

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Clinical Podcast: From Fee for Service to Fee for Performance with Matt Condon

This week, on the EIM Clinical Podcast, John and Jeff are joined by Matt Condon, who is CEO of Bardavon Health Innovations.  Bardavon’s goal is to fuel the evolution of the Workers’ Compensation industry through enhanced clinical services, innovative mechanisms to collect and report data, analytics and best practices for employee healthcare management.

Bardavon is focused on helping to…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: Make a Request and Stop Complaining

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Daphne discusses emotional contagion.  In the way that when we project our emotional state, whether negative or positive, that emotion is contagious to those around us.  Specifically, when we complain, we invite those around us to complain with us, thus negatively and powerfully affecting them.  We have the tendency to automatically mimic and synchronize…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Unfair Legislative Issues in Physical Therapy | Dr. Paul Gaspar

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, Dr. Paul Gaspar joins Dr. Larry Benz. Paul is the owner of Gaspar Physical Therapy and the President of the Independent Physical Therapists of California.  

Larry will be talking with Paul about some legislative issues and what we, as physical therapists, can do to fight threatening, oppressive, and unfair policies, in particular…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: 3 Ways to Be More Mindful

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Daphne Scott will be sharing 3 ways to be more mindful.  Essentially, are you aware?  Mindfulness has been a buzzword recently and it can be defined as meditating and/or being aware.  Mindfulness has huge benefits, one of which is increasing our focus or ability to remain focused and allowing us to manage stress…

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O Body Part, Where Art Thou? (Says the Brain) – Part II

Part I (here) of this blog series considered neuroplastic cortical changes known as brain map smudging. Primary somatosensory cortex (S1- homunculus) smudging is a potential biological and physiological change that can occur with any injury or bout of pain. Simply stated, the brain’s sensory cortex develops an altered appreciation of the location and awareness of a represented body part…

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