Practice Leadership Podcast: More Than 45 Years of Physical Therapy Expertise | Rick Shutes

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, we bring on one of the “Fathers” of private practice in physical therapy: Rick Shutes.

Rick is the CEO and President of, the CEO of STRIVE! Physical Therapy Centers, the CEO of Strive! Pain & Spine Center, the CEO of Great Northern Rehab, and the CEO of GNR Health Systems…

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The Dark Side of Focus

Highly successful achievements often require a time of singular focus. Singular focus has positive characteristics that help to shift our mindset for accomplishment. Having adequate resources, a clear vision, commitment, and dedication to the task all enhance the ability to achieve. Consider your own personal and professional victories. Many have arrived on the heels of possessing a combination of these…

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Key To Renewal and Connection: Learn To Ride The Empathy Cycle

Physical therapists, despite our relatively high-level of job satisfaction, are experiencing increasing amount stress just like every other health care provider. We are also increasingly vulnerable to it’s adverse effects.

Unless you have a strategy to proactively manage the stress that comes from caring for patients with needs as well as dealing with needy people, you’re going…

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Clinical Podcast: Thoracic or Cervical Spine Treatment | Dr. Louie Puentedura | Pain Science | Manipulation

Dr. Emilio “Louie” Puentedura (@aussielouie) joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast this week!  He earned his B.App.Sc. in Physiotherapy from La Trobe University and completed a graduate diploma in Manipulative Therapy (GDMT) from the same University. After practicing for approximately 15 years in outpatient physical therapy in Australia, he moved to the United States. He completed a…

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Pain Reframed Podcast Launched This Week

Problems that don’t get discussed don’t get fixed, and we have a serious pain problem in the United States. How bad? A recent report by the Center of Disease Control “CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain – United States, 2016” informs us that 259 million prescriptions were written for opioid pain medication in 2012 alone, enough for…

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Clinical Podcast: DPT in Canada | Jack Miller and Rob Werstine

This week on the EIM Clinical Podcast, we have Jack Miller and Rob Werstine joining us!  These two have been instrumental in taking the Evidence In Motion DPT program and making it available in Canada for those wanting to take their physical therapy education beyond their Master’s to DPT.

Jack and Rob share why they brought the DPT program…

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Insurance Oversight On Roids

Fourteen years ago I made the executive decision to specialize in geriatrics. This decision wasn’t made lightly. I considered not only the patient population, but also the business side of things. For example, that population would have huge growth requiring access to care. These individuals also deserved to have access to care to professionals who specialized and understood their…

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