Hybrid Education is not Special

As a DPT faculty in Baylor’s new accelerated, hybrid DPT model (and someone who has served as an adjunct faculty at South’s newly accredited hybrid DPT program), I get a lot of questions about “hybrid education.”
“Do you ever even teach or do you just record lectures for students to watch online?”

“What do you use to run…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Emotional Intelligence with Dr. David Boyce

Dr. Larry Benz is joined by Dr. David Boyce, who is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at Bellarmine University and owner of Physical Therapy Plus. David has advanced training in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy and is author of the book “Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets.”

Last month, we discussed cognitive skills, or “soft skills.” It is our belief is that cognitive…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Creating Where You Are | Amy Lee

This week, we are excited to welcome Amy Lee, Marketing Director at PT Central, who is the proud creator of the LE Sling. Amy will tell us all about the LE Sling on the show today, but she will also be discussing, with Dr. Daphne Scott, creativity and success. Last week, we discussed developing ourselves and growing where we’re…

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Satisfied or Not Satisfied? That is the Question.

I have been working in outpatient orthopedics for just shy of 20 years.  Most of those years has been a combination of clinical care and operations within the outpatient physical therapy industry.  Years ago, I heard a statistic that has stuck with me for many years.  The statistic is as follows: The average outpatient physical therapist will leave outpatient clinical…

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Clinical Podcast: Clock Yourself with Meggen Lowry

This week, we have the developer of the Clock Yourself App, Meggen Lowry, from Brisbane, Australia, on the EIM Clinical Podcast!

Meg is a physiotherapist at Next Step Physio and tackles the undesirable conditions that we commonly associate with aging: dementia, falls, osteoporosis (and associated fractures), incontinence and prolapse. Clock Yourself is Meg’s flagship software application, and it represents…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Developing Your Career: Grow Where You’re Planted

Career development. Who is responsible? Develop your individual contributors or you will not and cannot grow. But, you also have to develop yourself, no matter what level you’re at, if you want to develop your individual contributors as well! Today, we are discussing this whole topic, and we have some tips for you in accomplishing this feat!

Tip #1…

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