Clinical Podcast: Looking Back Over 100 Episodes

We’re releasing our 100th episode this week!

To celebrate this milestone, John and Mark are looking back at our Top 3 episodes since our start in 2016. They discuss their takeaways and how our guests are changing physical therapy.

Thank you to all of our listeners and guests who have helped us get this far! Without you, none of…

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Clinical Podcast: Research, Intention, and Work-Life Balance | Dr. Dan Rhon

We’re back with another episode of the Clinical Podcast! This week, we’re joined by Dr. Dan Rhon, the Director of Research for the Bellin College Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) Fellowship in partnership with Evidence In Motion. Dan shares how he went from being a Marine to having a career in physical therapy research, some of the “disappointments…

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Hiring, Managing, and Working with Millennial PTs

Perhaps you’ve heard the news: the future is doomed because of the up-and-coming millennial generation. At least that’s what many, many news and business publications would have us believe. After all, according to dozens of generation think pieces and market analyses:

Millennials are narcissistic;
Millennials are lazy and entitled; and
Millennials are killing countless industries by…

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Stop Babysitting Your Patients!

Let me paint the picture for you.

There is a patient who is suffering from persistent lateral elbow pain.  He has had several injections to ease his pain.  None have really helped.  Now he is out of work due to the pain.

He was told to go see a physical therapist to have this condition addressed.

Awesome, right?


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Clinical Podcast: Does Thoracic Thrust Manipulation Have a Place with Subacromial Shoulder Pain? | Dr. Jay Grimes

This week’s Clinical Podcast episode is all about the shoulder! Mark Shepherd is joined by Dr. Jay Grimes, a Clinical Associate Professor at Mark’s alma mater. They discuss the latest developments in subacromial shoulder pain, including a recent study that Dr. Grimes published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy.

Dr. Jay Grimes is a Clinical…

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Clinical Podcast: Pelvic Health Isn’t Just For Pelvic PTs | Dr. Jennifer Stone

On this week’s Clinical Podcast episode, Mark Shepherd is joined by Dr. Jennifer Stone! She discusses how she got into pelvic health physical therapy, some of the common issues she sees in her clinic, and how each clinician, no matter their specialty, can work to identify pelvic issues with their patients.

Jennifer Stone is a physical therapist with 10…

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How Many Patients Are Way Too Many?

Money is the topic most therapists find the hardest to examine.

Most therapists can trace their hang-ups about money to the fact that they’ve not reconciled two seemingly opposite concepts: profit and service.

For some, service is honorable and profit is evil.

For others in a service-oriented industry like healthcare, making a profit is a natural order…

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