EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How NOT To Give Someone Advice: Part 2

We’re continuing our discussion from last week on how not to give someone advice. I think we’ve learned one HUGE thing:

Don’t give others advice.

Unless they come to you and ask for it, of course.

Last week, we learned all about the reasons why not to give someone else advice (and the understanding of our own…

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The Scenery Never Changes Unless You Are The Lead Dog

Over the last 20 years I have been practicing in outpatient orthopedics as a physical therapist.  During those 20 years I have had many discussions with colleagues regarding our role as rehabilitation specialists in the medical model with many physical therapists expressing frustration with the model in which they practice.  The primary root of the frustration is the perception that…

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Clinical Podcast: Get Your Community Moving | Dr. Chris Hinze

You may already know the name Chris Hinze and associate it with biking to work or even walking to the grocery store as Chris’s mission is to get people utilizing “active transportation.” He’s doing everything in his power to encourage his community to move as much as possible throughout the day. Dr. Hinze also helps older adults to…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How NOT To Give Someone Advice

As promised, here’s the episode we talked about last week: how NOT to give someone advice. Wow, this is a tough scenario for many of us, whether being an advice giver or recipient of someone else’s advice.

It’s easy for us to say – “I’ve got the solution!” But rarely does that ever end well. Why? Because…

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Clinical Podcast: Changing Your Practice in Response to Emerging Data | Dr. Ernie Gamble

Would you ever consider changing your practice in response to emerging data, experiences had, and things learned? Do you want your practice to continue to get better and better, rather than just “be ok because it’s the way we’ve always done it”?

We welcome Dr. Ernie Gamble to the EIM Clinical Podcast! Dr. Gamble is with BSR Physical…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: 4 Things I Wish I Would’ve Said to Patients

It’s interesting when you look back at treating patients and start to wonder what you could’ve done and said differently. Sometimes, things can get in the way of doing, what we think would, really, be better. Things like getting caught up in being technically proficient, looking for the magic pill (patients did this as well), we don’t…

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Clinical Podcast: Treating Hip Issues with Dr. Sydney Schoensee

We welcome Dr. Sydney Schoensee to the EIM Clinical Podcast to discuss all things related to the hip! It’s her passion and expertise. She’s worked with patients ranging from day-to-day hip issues all the way to professional athletes dealing with severe problems.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to help each of us learn how to…

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