EIM’s Clinical Excellence Network

Helping Reshape the Future of Clinical Education

The CEN is an innovative model of clinical education providing a standardized curriculum and enhanced collaboration between academic institutions and clinical practice.

CEN Acute Care Overview

CEN Neuro-Musculoskeletal Overview

CEN Pediatrics Overview

CEN Neuromuscular Overview (coming soon)

This new model is a progressive new approach to clinical education and is comparable to the established internship model used by the medical profession. Evidence-based clinical excellence is paramount in this model, and our mission is to provide the best possible experience for DPT students. EIM appreciates that many academic programs already provide quality clinical education for their students—our goal is to maximize the likelihood a DPT student will receive the best possible experience from outstanding clinical educators.

Why CEN?

Despite the positive reforms in post-graduate physical therapy education, including the transition to DPT, clinical education has lagged. With the adoption of a new clinical internship model, as a profession, we will be able to close the standards gap that currently exists between graduate education and clinical education.

EIM’s CEN Model

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