EIM’s Geriatric Residency for PTs is a dynamic blend of didactic, collaborative, and clinical education experiences using a combination of distance learning on-line courses, weekend intensive hands-on courses, and clinical practice hours. Residency is completed in 12-18 months in an EIM Matched Partner clinic or with an independent employer of your choosing.

Online and weekend-intensive courses are taught by EIM’s world class faculty, many of whom are internationally recognized for their contributions to education, research, and practice management. Through ongoing clinical supervision and mentoring with a theoretical basis for advanced practice and scientific inquiry, you will improve your clinical practice and decision-making. EIM’s Geriatric Residency stresses the acquisition of current best-evidence as well as leading-edge psychomotor skills to make you a specialist in the area of geriatrics.

The Opportunities

EIM’s Residency Model:

  • Live, work, and complete residency where you choose (may be an EIM Partner or Independent employer)
  • Your choice of mentor and location; both must meet EIM criteria
  • 12-18 month program with self-scheduled learning time
  • You negotiate salary and possible tuition subsidies with your employer

The Outcome

EIM’s Residency Program is designed so that graduates will:

  • Grow as practitioners skilled in geriatric physical therapy.
  • Become highly skilled, autonomous practitioners who have substantially increased their ability to provide care to patients with various and multiple pathologies and comorbidities.
  • Gain a strong base of knowledge of evidence-based practice, geriatric patient management, advanced medical screening and radiology.
  • Be positioned to both achieve the Geriatric Certified Specialist (GCS) certification from the ABPTS and to be leaders in the geriatric physical therapy field.


Download Geriatric Residency Curricula

Sample Calendar Coming Soon!

Core Course Work

  • EBP 6100 – Evidence-based Practice I
  • APPT 6110 – Essentials of Pharmacology & Clinical Lab Tests
  • APPT 6210 – Essentials in Musculoskeletal Imaging
  • APPT 6220 – Essentials in Medical Screening
  • GERI 6520WI – Management of Geriatric Musculoskeletal Conditions*
    • Weekend Intensive: Date/Location Coming Soon!
  • GERI 6510WI – Management of Geriatric Neurological Conditions*
    • Weekend Intensive: November 4-5, 2017: San Antonio, TX
  • NRTI 6119WI – Motor Learning/Motor Control & Neuroplasticity*
    • Weekend Intensive: December 9, 2017: Louisville, KY
  • NRTI 6129WI – Advanced Pathologic Gait Assessment/Orthotics*
    • Weekend Intensive: December 10, 2017: Louisville, KY

Topics Courses

  • ORPT 6210 – Post-Surgical Management and Rehabilitation
  • NRTI 6120 – Other Neurologic Disorders
  • GERI 6140 – Wellness and Health Promotion in the Geriatric Population
  • GERI 6120 – Geriatric Cardiovascular Conditions
  • PROF 6200 – Professionalism: Roles and Responsibilities

Mentored Clinical Practice

  • GRPT 7690 – Residency Mentored Clinical Practice
  • GRPT 7270 – Geriatric Residency Virtual Rounds
  • GRPT 7280 – GCS Exam Prepatory Course

* Includes onsite lab intensive


EIM’s Geriatric Residency Program has obtained candidate status from ABPTRFE. Through achievement of candidate status signifies satisfacory progress toward accreditation it does not assure that the program will be accredited.