The EIM Concussion Management Certification (CMC), is designed for physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, physicians as well as other professionals looking to develop their skills in evaluation and management of concussion through the lifespan and in a variety of populations. This multidisciplinary certification will give practitioners the competence and confidence to better identify, treat, and manage the concussion patient along the entire continuum of recovery from acute to chronic and pediatric to geriatric.

The Experience

This 12-month program provides the latest clinical conversations, evidence-based guidelines, and consensus statements while integrating real world experiences from patients, providers, and caregivers who have navigated the complex healthcare network of today. Coursework consists of a dynamic combination of didactic, collaborative, and clinical education experiences using a blend of distance learning, online courses, and weekend intensive on-site courses.

Faculty includes neurologists (adult and pediatric), emergency medicine physicians, vestibular physical therapist, traumatic head and neck disorder scientists, occupational therapist/vision therapy, neurogenic speech language pathologist, board certified sports clinical specialist physical therapists, certified athletic trainer, neuroscientist, and a neuropsychologist.

The Outcome

By fostering a rehabilitative team approach, the EIM Concussion Management Certification hopes to facilitate collective competence across the healthcare continuum in order to better triage, treat, and appropriately refer the concussion patient. Graduates will:

  • Become a certified, highly skilled, autonomous practitioner with advanced clinical competency in evaluation and treatment of concussion.
  • Make evidence-based practice an immediate reality in your clinical practice.
  • Enhance your critical thinking and psychomotor skills to improve decision-making and outcomes of care.
  • Improve your knowledge of current evidence related to concussion management


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Core Coursework

Topic Courses

  • Special Focus A: Concussion of the Athlete
  • Special Focus B: Concussion of the Pediatric Population
  • Special Focus C: Concussion of the Geriatric Population

Capstone Course and Exams

  • Certification Virtual Rounds & Case Presentations
  • PFPTC Capstone Examinations