Called to Care

Are you struggling to find time to focus on compassion and care for your patients due to ever changing healthcare regulations and insurance requirements?

Do you want to be energized by the role of non-clinical factors and their impact on clinical outcomes?

Can you remember the last time you actually connected with a patient and made a positive physical and emotional impact on them? 

The current ills of healthcare, including immense fear and constant change, have caused professionals to replace care, compassion, and empathy with compliance and adherence to “cookbook medicine.”  Focusing on this uncertainty can shut down creativity and limit potential.

Embrace and engage the significant evidence around empathy, listening, high-quality connections and the science of positive psychology with the Called to Care Course that focuses on the non-clinical factors that impact successful clinical outcomes.  The course is designed to help you bring humanity back to health care by:

  • Reporting the evidence correlating clinical outcomes with empathy, compassion, high-quality connections, placebo/nocebo and positive psychology
  • Helping you find renewed purpose, meaning, and calling for your career
  • Engaging in the power of appreciative inquiry to strengthen and heighten the positive potential between you and your patients
  • Elevating you as a practitioner that patients will refer to their friends and family

This course leverages your personal patient connections and stories so that you can learn from them, while using the power of appreciative inquiry. All Called to Care modules are equipped with videos and resources that cite the best current evidence. Opportunities to connect with fellow practitioners via discussion boards also lend to powerful lessons and growth.

Course Details:

This course is based on recent research conducted by Larry Benz, DPT, MBA, MAPP, OCS, that demonstrates the effectiveness of this training.  Research also incorporates the The Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) Measure, which is a person-centered process measure that was developed and researched at the Departments of General Practice in Glasgow University and Edinburgh University.  Visit for more information on this research.

The Called to Care Course was created and is powered by Evidence In Motion and PT Development.

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