The EIM Balance and Falls Certification (BFC), in partnership with WalkJoy, focuses on the interprofessional approach in identifying individuals with fall risks, understanding the possible reasons behind the risk for falls, and management priorities to improve balance and decrease fall risk. Rehab professionals will gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of postural control in older adults, advanced clinical reasoning, skills that can be integrated into clinical practice patterns to optimize health and wellness of aging patients.

The Experience

The majority of the Balance and Falls Certification takes place wherever you happen to be. Coursework consists of a dynamic combination of didactic, collaborative, and clinical education experiences using a blend of distance learning, online courses, and weekend intensive on-site courses. You will walk away from this 12-month experience with the tools and experience you need to grow your business and skill set. The weekend intensive on-site course occurs at EIM Network Partners and academic centers located in key geographic areas around the country.

The Outcome

EIM’s BFC will position you to become a highly skilled practitioner with advanced clinical competency in the management of older adult falls risk and other advanced therapy techniques. Through the effective evidence-based information presented in the courses, you will learn how to better manage your patients experiencing functional and cognitive decline and assess and develop effective interventions for high risk fallers.


Download Balance & Falls Certification Curricula

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Core Course Work

  • Introduction to Balance and Falls in Older Adults
  • Interprofessional Balance and Fall Management in the Older Adult*

*Includes a 2-day onsite lab intensive

Topic Course Work
  • Special Focus A: Use of Technology in Managing Balance Problems in Older Adults**
  • Special Focus B: Advanced Balance and Fall Management, Health and Wellness in
    Community-dwelling Adults**
  • Special Focus C: Advanced Balance and Fall Management in Older Adults, Health and Wellness
    in Institutionalized Older Adults**

**Students choose two topic courses for plan of study

Capstone Course and Exams
  • Geriatric Balance and Falls Virtual Rounds and Case Presentations
  • Geriatric Balance and Falls Certification Capstone Examinations