Aren’t We All Using Manual Therapy?

Over the past year or so, I have increasingly been reading, hearing or engaging in conversations regarding manual therapy and its “place” within physical therapy.  It is clear that manual therapy is popular with addressing musculoskeletal conditions and is supported in the medical literature.  However, manual therapy has been taking on more criticism, which is not a bad thing.  The…

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Where We’re Heading – and What to Do About It: 3 Big Takeaways from the Ultimate Rehab Therapy Business Summit

Last month, my company, WebPT, held its fourth-annual Ascend event—the ultimate business summit for rehab therapists. And we had quite an amazing turnout, both in terms of attendees and speakers. Over the course of two days in Washington, DC, we came together to discuss the current status of our industry as well as where we’re heading—and…

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Read Your Patients’ Minds

Do you wish you could read your patients’ minds?
There are times when I think it would be helpful to know what my patients are thinking and feeling. I do my best to motivate interested prospects to make an appointment or patients to implement their plan of care. Too often I just don’t seem to connect with them and…

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The State Compact Storm: What Hurricane Harvey Taught Us About Interstate Licensure

The aftermath of September 2017 will not soon be forgotten. Early on in the month, Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston and left massive, widespread destruction in its path. Irma followed quickly thereafter, wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and Florida. Now, Maria has left Puerto Rico devastated in its wake. At the same time, wildfires ravaged the Pacific Northwest. And while…

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The New CPT Codes: A Battle Cry for Better Data to Support the Future of PT and OT Reimbursements


In January of this year, physical and occupational therapists had to learn an entirely new set of CPT codes to properly account for the complexity of their patients’ initial evaluations. This change represented quite a shift for our industry. After all, when these new codes were first proposed, payment was going to correlate with complexity. In other words, the…

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3 Tips to Reduce No-Shows

Did you have several patients not show up for their appointments this week?
Join the club.

Patient no-shows can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a therapist’s job, with good reason.

We put all time and effort into the initial evaluation, entering information into the EMR, calculating functional limitations, outlining the plan of care, designing a…

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