EIM’s weekly podcast brings you the latest news and evidence from physical therapy leaders. Listen in on the Practice Leadership Podcast with Larry Benz and the Clinical Podcast with John Childs and Jeff Moore.

Practice Leadership Podcast: Emotional Intelligence with Dr. David Boyce

Dr. Larry Benz is joined by Dr. David Boyce, who is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at Bellarmine University and owner of Physical Therapy Plus. David has advanced training in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy and is author of the book “Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets.”

Last month, we discussed cognitive skills, or “soft skills.” It is our belief is that cognitive…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Creating Where You Are | Amy Lee

This week, we are excited to welcome Amy Lee, Marketing Director at PT Central, who is the proud creator of the LE Sling. Amy will tell us all about the LE Sling on the show today, but she will also be discussing, with Dr. Daphne Scott, creativity and success. Last week, we discussed developing ourselves and growing where we’re…

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Clinical Podcast: Clock Yourself with Meggen Lowry

This week, we have the developer of the Clock Yourself App, Meggen Lowry, from Brisbane, Australia, on the EIM Clinical Podcast!

Meg is a physiotherapist at Next Step Physio and tackles the undesirable conditions that we commonly associate with aging: dementia, falls, osteoporosis (and associated fractures), incontinence and prolapse. Clock Yourself is Meg’s flagship software application, and it represents…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Developing Your Career: Grow Where You’re Planted

Career development. Who is responsible? Develop your individual contributors or you will not and cannot grow. But, you also have to develop yourself, no matter what level you’re at, if you want to develop your individual contributors as well! Today, we are discussing this whole topic, and we have some tips for you in accomplishing this feat!

Tip #1…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: The Top 5 Cognitive Skills with Dr. Rob Wainner

Dr. Larry Benz welcomes back Dr. Rob Wainner to the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast to continue their discussion from last year on episode 20! Rob is the Leadership Coach of Confluent Health, as well as a well-known researcher, clinician, and teacher in physical therapy.

Larry and Rob continue their discussion with some of the benefits to having a leadership…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Manage Your Workload Instead of It Managing You

Do you ever feel like your workload kind of controls you and manages the day for you? Or maybe you feel like you can never catch up with everything you have to do.

Today, Dr. Daphne Scott discusses a few simple tricks to help you take control and manage your workload! There are 3 critical pieces to look at:


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Clinical Podcast: Preventing Injuries with Ash James

Is there a time coming where Physios will be looking at managing workplaces the same way we’ve traditionally been managing ball clubs?

We are talking with Ashley (Ash) James, who brings a perspective from the UK and also a focus on preventing injuries rather than just treating injuries. Our discussion today covers what types of prevention Ash is going…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: How To Make A Tough Decision

This week, we are talking about those moments we dread. The moments where we are faced with a complex decision. We’ll talk about making the decision, how to make it a little easier, and then, how to get others to support it.

We will talk about ONE word that makes our decisions difficult: should. We “should” do something, rather…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Global Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy with Glenn Ruscoe

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, we will be exploring global physiotherapy and physical therapy, as well as the opportunities and challenges for the profession as digital global communications challenge local laws, rules, and cultures.

Dr. Larry Benz chats with Glenn Ruscoe, who is an Australian physiotherapist with a mission to unite our global profession. Seeing, first-hand…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Feedback Part 2 – Now What?

Welcome to our part 2 episode about feedback! Last week, we discussed the mindset surrounding feedback and our relationship to it, as well as what we typically do when giving and/or receiving feedback.

This week, Dr. Daphne Scott will discuss a model of feedback called the “What, So What, Now What” Model. It involves the facts (the what), why…

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