Do Professional Athletes Always Get the “Best Care”?

Do professional athletes always get the “best care”, they are the “best athletes” so they should right? Well, that might depend on how someone defines “best care”. Many of the therapists that read this blog on a regular basis might question the “best” portion behind some of the “care” delivered to our athletes that so many in our culture hold…

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I am a Motherless Daughter

My momma died from a long-fought battle against cancer. I am a motherless daughter and have been now for over half of my life. I’m 23.

There. I finally (finally!) said it.

My name is Alexis Morgan, and I’m a 3rd year DPT student. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several of you through various PT…

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What I Learned at HIMSS: PTs Are Health Care’s Forgotten Provider

Out of sight; out of mind. You’ve probably heard that saying before. Maybe you’ve even repeated it to yourself when you’re trying to ignore something—you know, to keep it from distracting or upsetting you. After attending the 2017 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, however, I’ve started to…

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The APTA’s #ChoosePT is a start…but we have a long way to go

I often think of myself as a “connector” in the profession of physical therapy and within my community. In the role of a connector, I get to talk with PT students, mentor residents and fellows in training, advise practice directors and owners, serve on the Board of my state association and participate in the Department of Health’s opioid work…

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Accelerated Rehab & Accelerated DPT

I distinctly remember when the paper by Shelbourne & Nitz describing an accelerated rehabilitation program after ACL reconstruction was published (yep, I am that old).  Though it would be some time before the RCTs were published that confirmed this observation, the paper nonetheless began a paradigm shift in the postoperative management of patients following reconstructive surgery.  At the time there…

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The Case Against Empathy #physicaltherapy

This blog has explored empathy in depth over the years.  There has been a recent trend led in part by Yale psychologist Dr. Paul Bloom and his new book Against Empathy that calls into question the use of empathy. Through the use of clinical cases and compelling and logical arguments, Dr. Bloom believes that however while well-intentioned, empathy is…

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