Mistakes and the “NewSmart”

I made a mistake this week.

It wasn’t a huge mistake, but it was an error in judgment and it jeopardized the trust in a relationship that is important to me.  When I realized my mistake, I fessed up quickly to the individual involved and apologized.  The person on the receiving end of my error was extremely gracious, stating…

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Social Media: Slowly Tearing Us Down?

Social media is a term that I feel is mentioned at least once daily in our everyday conversations.  All of us now-a-days seem to be present on some platform whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or beyond.  Most people probably relate social media to more personal relationships/interactions, however a recent JOSPT Viewpoint article shined light on the…

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The PT Movement: #GivingTuesday

This #GivingTuesday, join the PT movement to support those impacted by recent natural disasters. We’re all in this together.

#GivingTuesday—the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving—is right around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than by joining #RehabTherapistsGiveBack—the movement to help individuals, families, and communities impacted by the recent hurricanes and wildfires that devastated areas across…

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It’s Time to Get Really Serious About a Real and Serious Issue

Cardiovascular disease and related disorders such as hypertension, are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the United States and around the world.1 This statement has been accepted as fact internationally and is supported by countless published scientific studies and position statements by various professional organizations. Physical therapy practice is not immune to the global burden of cardiovascular…

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We Do Not Do The Basics Well

Any PT or PT student that knows me has heard me say “experts do the basics extraordinarily well.”  In fact, this is the motto of my teaching approach for entry-level students, guiding students through foundational psychomotor skills such as the neuromotor screen (dermatomes, myotomes, reflexes), manual muscle testing and goniometric measurement.  I harp on doing these in a standardized…

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Lazy Language is De-izing Our Profession

De-izes…. The first time I heard this combination of sounds was with the word “dehumanizes.”  Lazy language dehumanizes patients.  One example that I recall was Room 220, Bed 2. A few other examples include “the knee patient,” “the stroke patient,” “the gunshot wound.” Over time, the lazy language that dehumanized patients was replaced with words that put the patient…

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