Too Many Too Many’s – Opioids

As a nation when it comes to medical care we are thirsty in the rain.  We frequently have too much medical care and not enough “health” care.   With this backdrop we are launching a series entitled “Too Many Too Many’s” which focuses on the many areas of overutilization in our medical system. We are beginning the series with the…

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Make #Physicaltherapy Great Again

Just kidding, #physicaltherapy is already great. However, it will remain great again if we remember the components that truly differentiate us. I would offer up, “hands on”, spend time with patients, and explain things to patients as at least 3 of those differentiators  Apparently and unfortunately, many stakeholders view us as strictly the exercise profession and that could be our…

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Feature Friday: One Leg Physio Global Awareness Campaign #physicaltherapy

This week’s Friday feature comes from Glen@physio who is leading a Global Awareness Campaign promoting physiotherapy and physical therapy.  We encourage all to participate!  Launches Nov 21.
Here’s how:

Go to and familiarize yourself with the information on the site
Take the One Leg balance test yourself, enter your results on the site and share…

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Feature Friday – Global Burden of Disease Study

The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) is a comprehensive observational epidemiological study of mortality and morbidity from major diseases, injuries and risk factors to health worldwide. It examines trends from 1990 to the present and makes comparisons across populations to help inform how certain health challenges are changing around the world. Not surprisingly, musculoskeletal disorders occupied three of the…

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Friday Feature: #physicaltherapy and Spanx

Thought that blog headline would generate some level of interest.

Listening to a great new NPR Podcast by NPR called How I Built This. The very first episode tracks Sara Blakely and her innovation and development of Spanx.  After significant effort in finding a supplier, getting a patent, and reserving a unique name, this former fax saleswomen was able to…

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Feature Friday – Strength in Numbers when Delivering Exercise in PT?

There are few topics that get therapists as riled up on the EIM blog more than whether care extenders like PTAs, techs, aides, etc. have a role in the delivery of PT. Some advocate a purist approach suggesting that the only individual who should come within breathing distance of a patient is a licensed therapist. Others (myself included) advocate for…

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