We Are Humans with Unmet Needs

We frequently discuss pain, depression, anxiety, addiction and the ways our medical industrial complex sells sickness and risky interventions as simple solutions to “fix you!”  I recently listened to Johann Hari discussing his book Lost Connections ( on the Ezra Klein show).  There are some that disagree with his analysis of societal influences on mental health, though I found many of…

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Manual Therapy – Where is it Going?

Over the past several months I have been thinking a lot about manual therapy, specifically the future of manual therapy.  Obviously there has been a large amount of literature diving into the topic of manual therapy within physical therapy, but where are we going now with our research?  Is manual therapy “all that”?  How do we blend it with other…

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“It’s Going To Be Okay.”

When teaching weekend courses we often refer to this statement as some of the most powerful words in medicine. The ability to deliver reassurance to our patient that things are going to be okay can have a powerful effect on their outcome. As with everything that can have a powerful effect, that effect can be positive or negative depending on…

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An Attitude of Gratitude

I know, I know…you may be tired of blogs and memes and commercials encouraging you to be grateful this month. I’m still going to talk about it, because I think it’s really important and can shape our clinical practices!

There have actually been quite a few recent studies demonstrating that cultivating gratitude can be extremely beneficial to…

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When Pain Education Isn’t Enough

Although I truly appreciate all the work that has been done in the pain sciences world, it still isn’t enough to help guide our clinical decision making process.

I have unanswered questions: which patients are the best candidates for pain education? How soon should a change occur? How much of a change is enough to warrant a positive response…

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