Practice Leadership Podcast: Psychology in Physical Therapy with Zach Stearns and Daphne Scott

We’re doing something new on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast this week for the Holiday Edition! We have a co-host, Daphne Scott, who is a leadership coach with a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, and a third year student from the University of Florida joining us as our guest: Zach Stearns.

Zach has a particular interest in…

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#physicaltherapy Worry Wart

Every year during holiday season, I take the time to reconnect with one of my favorite PT’s, Jake (not his real name).  Jake is an experienced, board certified PT who is tremendous in every way but one-he is the epitome of a “worry wart”.  In fact, I affectionately refer to him as the “black cloud of #physicaltherapy” and…

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Make #Physicaltherapy Great Again

Just kidding, #physicaltherapy is already great. However, it will remain great again if we remember the components that truly differentiate us. I would offer up, “hands on”, spend time with patients, and explain things to patients as at least 3 of those differentiators  Apparently and unfortunately, many stakeholders view us as strictly the exercise profession and that could be our…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Building Out 350 Locations with Mark Kaufman

Our guest today is Mark Kaufman, the CEO and President of Athletico Physical Therapy, which started in 1991 and now has more than 350 locations. Mark will be sharing his story on his journey in physical therapy and how he was able to build out to so many locations successfully!

One important aspect to Mark’s journey was that he…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: 10 Things You Need to Know About Empathy

Dr. Larry Benz is back with a solo episode on this week’s EIM Practice Leadership Podcast.  Larry discusses, not only the essential importance of empathy with your patients in physical therapy, but also 10 things you will want to know about empathy and how you can implement it effectively.  Our goal is to help you improve your clinical outcomes…

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Feature Friday: One Leg Physio Global Awareness Campaign #physicaltherapy

This week’s Friday feature comes from Glen@physio who is leading a Global Awareness Campaign promoting physiotherapy and physical therapy.  We encourage all to participate!  Launches Nov 21.
Here’s how:

Go to and familiarize yourself with the information on the site
Take the One Leg balance test yourself, enter your results on the site and share…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: The Top 3 Questions PT Students Ask

Dr. Larry Benz brings us a very special episode today, addressing the questions that PT students are, commonly, asking.  We’re calling today’s episode the National Student Conclave Edition.

Larry just returned from Miami, FL, having the opportunity to spend some time with 12 student PTs.  He took the top 3 questions that the student PTs asked him during…

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Friday Feature: #physicaltherapy and Spanx

Thought that blog headline would generate some level of interest.

Listening to a great new NPR Podcast by NPR called How I Built This. The very first episode tracks Sara Blakely and her innovation and development of Spanx.  After significant effort in finding a supplier, getting a patent, and reserving a unique name, this former fax saleswomen was able to…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Solving a HUGE Problem with Dr. Heidi Jannenga

Dr. Heidi Jannenga is the President and Co-Founder of WebPT. Heidi has traversed many areas of Physical Therapy, both in private practice and in business. Heidi shares lessons learned and insights on her journey in PT, founding a business that solved a huge problem for PTs, and also how she was able to maintain the necessary resources to, not…

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