EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Feedback Part 2 – Now What?

Welcome to our part 2 episode about feedback! Last week, we discussed the mindset surrounding feedback and our relationship to it, as well as what we typically do when giving and/or receiving feedback.

This week, Dr. Daphne Scott will discuss a model of feedback called the “What, So What, Now What” Model. It involves the facts (the what), why…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Feedback Part 1 – Where Are You Giving It From?

So, you want someone to do something differently on your team.

What’s the best way to go about doing it?

Feedback can be scary for many people, from a receiving and giving standpoint. What if the person gets upset? What if I don’t want to hear what they have to say to me? Or maybe it’s just…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How Not to Burnout

Burnout. Compassion fatigue. Overwhelm. Exhaustion.

Each of us faces these things at one time or another. It may even be a fear for some of us that we’re, eventually, going to hit burnout and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But that’s not true… there are some very important things we can and should do to…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: We Are What We Repeatedly Do… Sort Of

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Today, we are discussing one of Dr. Daphne Scott’s favorite quotes. The key to this quote? To be fully honest with ourselves about that thing that we repeatedly do. It’s about virtue and living our virtues then, what happens when we don’t…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Authenticity in Leadership

This week, we’re discussing authenticity in leadership. Simply put: you can’t be one way in the boardroom and another in the living room. The idea here is that we need to strive for congruency: where our inner experience matches our outer experience.

This conversation comes from a conversation Dr. Daphne Scott had with Dr. Katie Hendricks on the…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Leadership, Humanity, and 3 Favorite Movies from 2017

We have something special and fun this week on the EIM Inside Leadership Podcast! We’re going to talk about movies! Movies, literature, and essentially, the humanities can really inspire our common humanity. We’ll be discussing three movies, and therefore, we have a spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen them. Here are the three movies we will…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: You Can Be a Jerk… and Make Money

This week’s episode is about bullying. Bullying at work. Perhaps you’ve been bullied or maybe you are the bully. Unfortunately, you can be a jerk (bully) and still make money and be successful. So people may see the leader as an extremely accomplished and successful person (the company can be tied to that), but yet this person isn…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How Are You Being Changed?

The Combined Section Meeting (largest physical therapy gathering in the country) just happened recently. Dr. Daphne Scott discusses her experience with this recent conference as well as other conferences she’s been to over the years and how it’s impacted her.

Going to conferences and/or even consuming content (like this podcast!) can really help to change you for…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Get Present and Stop Playing Catch Up

What does it mean to be present?

Being present is where we are placing and resting our attention as well as the actual quality of our attention. We are present when the quality of our attention is without blame and judgment, and it is open and curious. Without practice, we just aren’t that present. Our mind is always off…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Are You Withholding and Destroying Relationships?

Withholding. We’ve all been there. Having something we want and need to say but then not saying it. We call this the fool’s choice in relationships. Sure, there’s always a long list of “reasons” (excuses) of why we don’t want to share what’s on our mind and bothering us, but here’s the thing:


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