Pain Reframed Podcast Launched This Week

Problems that don’t get discussed don’t get fixed, and we have a serious pain problem in the United States. How bad? A recent report by the Center of Disease Control “CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain – United States, 2016” informs us that 259 million prescriptions were written for opioid pain medication in 2012 alone, enough for a bottle of pills for every single adult in the United States. The consequences of this high opioid use are devastating, with an estimated 165,000 persons dying as a result of overdose related to opioid pain medication in the United States from 1999 to 2014. Highly addictive medications with lethal side effects should not remain the mainstay of our pain management strategy as a society. Do you think it’s time to have a conversation? We certainly do, and we sincerely hope you will join it. Sponsored by the International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI), we are launching Pain Reframed, a podcast hosted by Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore. Tim and Jeff are aiming to create an authentic, patient oriented, and multidisciplinary discussion focused on creating options and solutions for individuals experiencing pain and those that are caring for them at all access points across our healthcare system.

About Pain Reframed

We are launching the show with outstanding conversations with three exceptional humans: Dr. Adriaan Louw, Dr. Laura Pritchett, and Dr. Justin Dunaway. Adriaan Louw is a household name in the pain science world, and if you have ever seen him give a presentation on the topic you will be left with no question why that is. Where fiery passion, empathy, and unparalleled knowledge collide you will find Dr. Adriaan Louw. As the founder of the International Spine and Pain Institute, Adriaan has blazed a trail for countless clinicians and educators worldwide, increasing our knowledge and more importantly our ability to transfer that knowledge to patients who desperately need it. Adriaan will be a regular guest on the show, so please enjoy this first episode and look forward to many more! Episode two is with the brilliant and talented author Dr. Laura Pritchett. Laura comes to the show with the most important perspective of all, that of a patient who has dealt with severe persistent pain, and the emotional sequelae that often coincide with an ongoing pain experience. Disarmingly authentic and incredibly articulate, Laura uses her skill with words as an accomplished author to illuminate the pain experience in a relevant and unforgettable manner. Finally, we have our good friend and STAND Co-Founder Dr. Justin Dunaway. An accomplished clinician, professional advocate, and true humanitarian, Justin has rightfully earned the deepest respect from so many in our field and beyond. Justin brings a great viewpoint to the conversation as he regularly travels to Haiti where he manages a great deal of patients who are dealing with persistent pain. In this third episode we talk about how the stark differences between societal beliefs and access to healthcare create distinct advantages and disadvantages for Justin and his crew serving individuals in Haiti.  Justin also gives us unique insight into how being in a true doctoring role, one without access restrictions or practice act limitations, has enabled he and those who travel to Haiti with the group better serve patients here in the states.  All three of these discussions bring serious value from different angles, you don’t want to miss any of them!

Thank you for your interest and your willingness to engage in what is sure to be a messy, emotional, and incredibly important conversation, one that our patients suffering with persistent pain deserve us to have. You can subscribe to Pain Reframed on iTunes and keep an eye right here on the EIM blog where we will be releasing episodes and show notes the moment they are available to the public. As we wrap up this first announcement let’s do so with a huge shout out to the International Spine and Pain Institute who is making all of this possible. Make sure to check out their website and their upcoming clinical conference: Neuroplasticity: Reshaping the Treatment of Pain! Well folks that does it, let’s roll up our sleeves, gather the brightest forward thinking minds across healthcare along with the patients we are trying to serve, and have ourselves a conversation with the aim of a better tomorrow.

You can find Pain Reframed on ISPI’s Website and on iTunes.


Tim and Jeff

One response to “Pain Reframed Podcast Launched This Week

  1. Jessie Podolak says:

    Tim and Jeff,

    Congrats on the Podcast! I listened to the first 3 episodes back to back and they were all fantastic. I’m excited to hear from Justin as well…he is one of the most energetic and inspiring PTs I’ve met!

    I was really moved by many of Laura Pritchett’s comments, especially when she discussed her acceptance of the fact that her life was now different, but that she could still live an awesome life. She said, “True suffering comes from resistance. I was resisting for a long time. I was resisting the fact that my life had changed and I was in pain. You know, and my goal became equanimity. I just wanted to make peace with this and live an awesome life while recognizing that I’m in pain.” I love that you guys titled the episode “The Powerful Story of an Author Who Overcame Her Pain.” It was indeed powerful, and although Laura still lives with pain, she HAS overcome it.

    It speaks volumes that the two of you decided to launch your podcast by sharing Laura’s story. Adriaan and Colleen Louw are adamant about this: It’s ALWAYS about the patient. By highlighting Laura’s experience right out of the gate, you really honored that cornerstone of how we need to approach the pain epidemic if we hope to make a dent. Superb job!


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