Clinical Podcast: DPT in Canada | Jack Miller and Rob Werstine

This week on the EIM Clinical Podcast, we have Jack Miller and Rob Werstine joining us!  These two have been instrumental in taking the Evidence In Motion DPT program and making it available in Canada for those wanting to take their physical therapy education beyond their Master’s to DPT.

Jack and Rob share why they brought the DPT program to Canada and how it has benefited Canadians in the profession.  Jack and Rob discuss more about Brian Mulligan, the Mulligan Concept, and why it’s still very relevant and important.  They also emphasize the importance of observing teachers and mentors first-hand and how learning from that in-person method is far more effective than just online.

One response to “Clinical Podcast: DPT in Canada | Jack Miller and Rob Werstine

  1. EJ says:


    Congratulations to Canadians colleagues to get DPT.

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