EIM Clinical Podcast: How Dry Needling Improves Function with Dr. Edo Zylstra

Dr. Edo Zylstra, the CEO of KinetaCore, joins us today on the EIM Clinical Podcast! KinetaCore is a leading provider of dry needling education in the country and recently partnered with Evidence In Motion!

Edo discusses the benefits of Functional Dry Needling® and how it can help certain patients achieve quicker recovery and improved function. He also discusses the debate around the adoption of dry needling in physical therapy practices and how to find what’s best for your practice and your patients.


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One response to “EIM Clinical Podcast: How Dry Needling Improves Function with Dr. Edo Zylstra

  1. Marcel says:

    A number of questions:

    1. What is the etiology and pathophysiology of MPS?

    2. What is the role of the MTrP in the pathogenesis of MPS?

    3. Is the resolution of the MTrP required for clinical response?

    4. What is the mechanism by which the pain state begins, evolves and persists?

    5. Although the presence of inflammatory and noxious biochemicals has been established, what are the levels of anti-inflammatory substances, analgesic substances, and muscle metabolites in the local biochemical milieu of muscle with and without MTrPs?

    6. How does a tender nodule progress to a myofascial pain syndrome?

    7. Which musculoskeletal tissues are involved, what are their properties, and how do these change with treatment?

    Will ethical therapists now stop needling, at least until these questions are properly answered? Will those who run courses in “dry needling” now admit that their teaching has been based upon flawed theory and many conjectures?


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