Clinical Podcast: Candid Thoughts on Physical Therapy with Dr. Ryan Michael Smith

We have an exciting guest joining us on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Dr. Ryan Michael Smith recently graduated from the DPT Program at Ohio State and is part of the virtual mentorship that Jeff runs. Ryan also recently opened a cash-based out-of-network practice. We’re excited to share what Ryan has done as his journey has been refreshing and encouraging!

Ryan shares a little about his time in the DPT Program: what he liked and what helped him and what he didn’t like and what didn’t meet his expectations of his schooling. There are some great nuggets of information that can definitely help you regardless of where you are in your PT journey!

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One response to “Clinical Podcast: Candid Thoughts on Physical Therapy with Dr. Ryan Michael Smith

  1. Guys, this was an awesome podcast!! Thanks so much to Ryan for showing many old (me) and fresh PT’s there is a way to break into the profession and the healthcare market. There are many challenges for entering and being successful in private practice. You present here those challenges and don’t shy away from addressing them and giving some good advice to fresh PT’s. John, I couldn’t agree with you more on the viability of the solo practice. Ryan, I couldn’t agree more on looking at where the money is going to come from for PT services.
    Just excellent podcast!

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