Clinical Podcast: Pelvic Health with Dr. Jennifer Stone

This week on the EIM Clinical Podcast, Dr. Jennifer Stone joins us!  Jen focuses on pelvic health and has become a leader in that specialization over the years.  Jen shares the story of why she entered into the realm of pelvic health and started the Pelvic Health Certification Program.

Jen discusses the importance of pelvic health and addresses some of…

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The APTA’s #ChoosePT is a start…but we have a long way to go

I often think of myself as a “connector” in the profession of physical therapy and within my community. In the role of a connector, I get to talk with PT students, mentor residents and fellows in training, advise practice directors and owners, serve on the Board of my state association and participate in the Department of Health’s opioid work…

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Erasing Barriers to Movement

When you are thinking of ways to grow your business or a new program or type of therapy you offer, what do you consider? Brochures, flyers, marketing visits to referral sources, free screens, etc. probably top the list. Have you thought about eliminating barriers to therapy, though? I’m sure you have thought of that at least somewhat; that is…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Interviews from the APTA Combined Sections Meeting

This week on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, Dr. Larry Benz co-hosts with Dr. Gene Shirokobrod from Therapy Insiders to bring you a podcast that was filmed live, on location, from the APTA Combined Sections Meeting.

Larry and Gene interview multiple experts in our industry to bring you stories, lessons learned, and tips from the largest conference in the…

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Pain Neuroscience Wisdom from a 19th Century Electrical Engineer

History is full of stories that teach timeless wisdom. Sometimes these stories provide a glimpse into the problem solving prowess of a genius that can remind us to imitate the same approach. One of my favorites is the below story of Charles Steinmetz’s interaction with Henry Ford.
Charles Proteus Steinmetz, the Wizard of Schenectady
(adapted from Smithsonian Magazine 8…

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Clinical Podcast: Pain Management with Dr. Tim Flynn

This week on the EIM Clinical Podcast, Dr. Tim Flynn joins us to discuss the ever-growing importance of pain management in our practices.  Tim is a private practice physical therapist in Colorado.  Tim oversees Colorado in Motion in Northern Colorado and is a partner with Evidence In Motion.

Tim will be covering the management of pain, chronic pain, the…

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Fighting the Proposed Orthotics and Prosthetics Provider Requirements

Amassing a slew of professional healthcare certifications and designations—the “alphabet soup” of letters—after your name means putting in a lot of hard work. And I think I speak for many PTs and OTs when I say that earning these credentials not only puts us in a special league, but also demonstrates a commitment to ourselves and our profession…

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