“It’s Going To Be Okay.”

When teaching weekend courses we often refer to this statement as some of the most powerful words in medicine. The ability to deliver reassurance to our patient that things are going to be okay can have a powerful effect on their outcome. As with everything that can have a powerful effect, that effect can be positive or negative depending on…

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Clinical Podcast: Accessed Care for Pediatric Patients with Dr. Kendra Gagnon

Dr. Kendra Gagnon joins the EIM Clinical Podcast this week! Dr. Gagnon is a pediatric therapist by background and currently on faculty in the hybrid DPT Program at Baylor University. Kendra is very passionate about accessed care for pediatric patients and delivering healthcare to families where they live rather than in artificial environments.

John, Jeff, and Kendra discuss Kendra’s…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Creativity at Work

This week’s topic, on the EIM Inside Leadership Podcast, is creativity at work. Joining us is Teddy Heidt, the founder and Creative Officer of the Gauge Collective, a digital marketing anti-agency.

We’re always being asked to be creative all day at work. How do we best accomplish that and how do we keep it going? Teddy works…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Predictions and Cryptocurrency Impact with Dr. Heidi Jannenga

We welcome Dr. Heidi Jannenga back to the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast to discuss predictions and cryptocurrency impact in physical therapy! Heidi is the President and Co-Founder of Web PT.  Heidi has traversed many areas of Physical Therapy, both in private practice and in business.

Larry and Heidi have traditionally shared their PT predictions each New Year and in…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: What I Believe from The Graham Sessions

This week, Dr. Daphne Scott shares her talk that she presented at The Graham Sessions on what she believes. The Graham Sessions are designed to support a free exchange of ideas and open conversation as it pertains to physical therapy and healthcare. There are a number of different sessions and presentations at The Graham Sessions, one of them asking presenters…

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Thoughts from the 2018 Graham Sessions: Why PTs Can’t Transform Society

Physical therapy is a hands-on profession. And I don’t mean that solely in the literal sense. Yes, the treatment we provide is distinctively hands-on, but so is our approach to problem-solving. Over the years, the PT community has faced a lot of challenges: market consolidation, dwindling reimbursements, restrictions to the type and quantity of care we…

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Under Pressure

I’m sorry, I got that song stuck in your head, didn’t I? I just couldn’t help myself…

Today I wanted to have a little chat with you folks about intra-abdominal pressure (IAP)-what is it, how can we use it to maximize our patients’ benefit from therapy, and is there such a thing as too much…

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EIM’s Inside Leadership Podcast: Gratitude: The Most Overlooked Practice

Why is gratitude SO powerful and SO important?

Gratitude, as a practice, truly begins to shift the habits of the mind.

One of the biggest habits the mind has is to continually look for problems. It does that through comparing, judging, and fixing.


Welcome back to the EIM Inside Leadership Podcast with Dr. Daphne Scott! Today, Daphne discusses the…

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