Low Back Pain is the ‘Common Cold’ of the Spine

Several years ago articles on low back pain (LBP) would typically start off by stating how common LBP is in clinical practice.  One of my favorite opening statements goes like this:
“Next to the common cold, low back pain is the most common reason that individuals visit a physician’s office.” (reference here, original article here)
This statement has stuck…

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What to Do About the New PT and OT Eval Codes

For the last decade or so, healthcare providers—including rehab therapists—have faced a seemingly endless supply of new rules, regulations, and requirements. And many of these initiatives (including PQRS, FLR, and ICD-10) have directly—and negatively—impacted our payments and/or our time, both of which can have serious ramifications for our bottom lines. With that in mind…

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As I reflect on 2016, so many memories flood into my brain. For me, 2016 has been a year of many struggles. I think the most frequent comment I heard this year, “things aren’t easy for you,” or “life is just a struggle.”

I am more grateful than anyone knows for failing after being accountable and planning ahead for…

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Clinical Podcast: Pain Sciences with Dr. Adriaan Louw

Dr. Adriaan Louw is one of the ring leaders in pain sciences.  Adriaan and his wife, Colleen, founded the International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI).  Dr. Louw travels all over, teaching and speaking on pain sciences.  Evidence in Motion has recently partnered with the International Spine and Pain Institute and we look forward to sharing some exceptional information with you…

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2017 Brings New Evaluative Codes for Physical Therapists

A few things remain the same for Medicare rules and regulations for 2017: multiple procedure payment reduction, the therapy cap, and no payment for telemedicine for physical therapists. Please remember, your patients with Medicare can actually receive services past the “cap.” The real cap is $3,700.

The new codes are somewhat tricky and will require you do to some…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: 10 Things You Need to Know About Empathy

Dr. Larry Benz is back with a solo episode on this week’s EIM Practice Leadership Podcast.  Larry discusses, not only the essential importance of empathy with your patients in physical therapy, but also 10 things you will want to know about empathy and how you can implement it effectively.  Our goal is to help you improve your clinical outcomes…

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