Practice Leadership Podcast: Mindfulness

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, Dr. Larry Benz discusses a little of his passion: social neuroscience and behavioral economics.  Those of you that know Larry know that he loves to learn and get additional degrees and certifications.  However, Larry is sharing something powerful that he learned NOT from any of his formal education.

Today, Larry talks about…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: The One Thing You Need to Do as a Leader

It’s the Inside Leadership Podcast with Daphne Scott!  Today, Daphne will be discussing the ONE thing you NEED to do as a leader.  Yes, it’s a bold statement, but it’s also essential in your leadership if you want to, not only attract those you lead, but also keep them and keep them happy.

Daphne says that in…

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Lazy Language is De-izing Our Profession

De-izes…. The first time I heard this combination of sounds was with the word “dehumanizes.”  Lazy language dehumanizes patients.  One example that I recall was Room 220, Bed 2. A few other examples include “the knee patient,” “the stroke patient,” “the gunshot wound.” Over time, the lazy language that dehumanized patients was replaced with words that put the patient…

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Clinical Podcast: Outcomes-Related Research with Dr. Chad Cook

This week, on the EIM Clinical Podcast, John and Jeff are joined by Dr. Chad Cook.  Chad is the Director of Duke University’s DPT program as well as a clinical trialist and well-known researcher, specifically, outcomes-related research and, most recently, health services research.

Chad shares his perspective on the research he’s conducted and papers he’s…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: You Need More Quiet to Lead Well

It’s the Inside Leadership Podcast with Daphne Scott!  Today, Daphne will be discussing the idea of acquiring more quiet in our lives, why we need it, and the obstacles to doing it.  The benefits to having more quiet in our lives are numerous.  For example, we know that more quiet restores and renews the nervous system.  A 2006 study…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: The Benefits of Feeling Bad

It’s the Inside Leadership Podcast with Daphne Scott!  Marta Wilmes joins Daphne, this week, to discuss the benefits of feeling bad.  Yes, that is correct.  Anger, fear, sadness, etc.  These emotions are “non-preferred” for sure, but they can have a benefit.  These “benefits” can help us grow, keep us safe, humble us (in a very good way), and…

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The New CPT Codes: A Battle Cry for Better Data to Support the Future of PT and OT Reimbursements


In January of this year, physical and occupational therapists had to learn an entirely new set of CPT codes to properly account for the complexity of their patients’ initial evaluations. This change represented quite a shift for our industry. After all, when these new codes were first proposed, payment was going to correlate with complexity. In other words, the…

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Come on OT – Step it Up!

I remember being a young high schooler who spent a great deal of my time in physical therapy. (I was THAT kid who always managed to break a bone or get injured no matter what I was doing).  As I grew older, I was having trouble deciding on a career path. I loved the idea of PT and joining the…

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