Practice Leadership Podcast: Psychology in Physical Therapy with Zach Stearns and Daphne Scott

We’re doing something new on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast this week for the Holiday Edition! We have a co-host, Daphne Scott, who is a leadership coach with a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, and a third year student from the University of Florida joining us as our guest: Zach Stearns.

Zach has a particular interest in…

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#physicaltherapy Worry Wart

Every year during holiday season, I take the time to reconnect with one of my favorite PT’s, Jake (not his real name).  Jake is an experienced, board certified PT who is tremendous in every way but one-he is the epitome of a “worry wart”.  In fact, I affectionately refer to him as the “black cloud of #physicaltherapy” and…

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Clinical Podcast: Candid Thoughts on Physical Therapy with Dr. Ryan Michael Smith

We have an exciting guest joining us on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Dr. Ryan Michael Smith recently graduated from the DPT Program at Ohio State and is part of the virtual mentorship that Jeff runs. Ryan also recently opened a cash-based out-of-network practice. We’re excited to share what Ryan has done as his journey has been…

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Hope, Goals and Jimmy Fallon

I heard a great story from a patient of mine last week. It’s great because it involves my absolute favorite celebrity on the planet: Jimmy Fallon. It’s also great because as the patient and I talked pain neuroscience education (PNE), his story wove right into a point I was trying to make with him, and one I think…

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Clinical Podcast: Senior Rehab with Dustin Jones

Dustin Jones joins the EIM Clinical Podcast this week! Dustin Jones hosts the Senior Rehab Podcast and has taken the reins of elevating the level of care that we offer to elder adults. Dustin shares his journey, his mission, and his passion in the treatment of older adults.

The question was asked how PTs can handle treatment of older adults…

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Long Live Quality Data Analysis

By now, you know that CMS has officially discontinued PQRS for 2017—and, because PTs, OTs, and SLPs aren’t eligible to participate in MIPS (PQRS’s more comprehensive replacement program) until 2019, rehab therapists aren’t required to complete this type of quality data reporting for at least the next two years. For many providers, this has been cause…

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The Constipation Connection

If there is one “pelvic health” related area that orthopedic therapists should be discussing with their patients it is the question of whether the patient is experiencing constipation. There are multiple reasons why this applies in an orthopedic setting.

First, many patients seen in an orthopedic setting are taking prescription pain medication that has constipation as a side effect. Many…

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Make #Physicaltherapy Great Again

Just kidding, #physicaltherapy is already great. However, it will remain great again if we remember the components that truly differentiate us. I would offer up, “hands on”, spend time with patients, and explain things to patients as at least 3 of those differentiators  Apparently and unfortunately, many stakeholders view us as strictly the exercise profession and that could be our…

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The longer I practice and the more I learn through reading the research about various interventions, I look at some treatments that are being delivered and say, REALLY!?! But that gets me wondering: “What treatment does my patient REALLY need?” I’m not asking what treatments have been shown in study to get people better or what treatments that I…

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