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Found this interesting article front page of the Wall Street Journal the other day. Initially caught my eye because I know the surgeon as he is from my home state of South Dakota.  Being in private practice, I have no problem with for profit companies and competition, I believe it is a healthy way to deliver…

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What is Physical Therapist Manipulation?

I did a phone interview for Family Circle magazine for an upcoming feature they will be doing on the spinal manipulation prediction rule. Having done several of these for a variety of media outlets, the misunderstandings about the paper’s implications are consistent and practically universal. The first question usually goes something like this, "Dr. Childs, how long have…

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Push Me!

I was checking my mail 1st thing the other
morning and I got pushed! It wasn’t at
all unpleasant (like grade school days). In fact, I had asked for it when I signed up for a trial subscription to
the InfoPOEMs service (

first was an InfoPOEM (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) dealing with…

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Ultrasound Imaging

As more research is starting to suggest the need to assess the deep musculature (i.e. Transversus Abdominis, Multifidus, Pelvic Floor Muscles, and Deep Neck Flexors) – as a profession we probably need to start exploring new tools that are able to answer questions that belong to our profession.
To that end, some of us have been working with ultrasound…

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Upcoming Blog and Website Updates

I just wanted to let everyone know about a few blog and website updates that are forthcoming. Many of you have suscribed to our Bloglet feature, which automatically provides you with daily email updates in a summary format. If there is more than one post in a day, you only get one email, and if there are no posts for…

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An alternative to EBP

The post on Seth Godin’s blog the other day entitled “Where
do you get your advice” reminded me that people in every field as well as every
day life are always in need of and looking for advice.

It was interesting to see the confidence that many people…

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