Prediction of Hip OA progression

Attached is a paper just published in the BMJ that atempted to identify factors that predicted the progression of hip OA. The study found that the Kellgren and Lawrence score at baseline was by far the strongest predictor of progression, particularly in patients with existing hip pain at baseline.

Download radiography_and_hip_oa_bmj_2005.pdf…

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Response to Dr Deyo

See the attachment for John, Julie, and Tim’s response to Dr Deyo’s concerns regarding their trial (Childs JD, Fritz JM, Flynn TW, Irrgang JJ, Johnson KK, Majkowski GR, et al. A clinical prediction rule to identify patients with low back pain most likely to benefit from spinal manipulation: a validation study. Ann Intern Med. 2004;141:920-8…

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Will Our Referral Sources Assimilate Evidence to Support Physical Therapist Practice Before We Do?

I just got finished with a talk to a group of geriatricians at the American Geriatrics Society Meeting in Orlando, FL on the management of older adults with low back pain. I was on a panel Tom Rudy (psychologist) and Deb Weiner (geriatrician/rheumatologist) from the University of Pittsburgh. My role was to discuss the management of these patients from…

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Marketing Physical Therapy

If you tell someone your a physician, my guess is that most people have a similar idea of what that persons background is and what he or she does.
If you tell someone your a physical therapist, I was shown once again a few weeks ago that all bets are off as to what is conjured up in that persons…

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Breathing for back pain??? I thought this was something you did to stay alive???

I must admit being somewhat disappointed (dismayed and even embarrassed for our profession might be more accurate) by the following press release. Unfortunately, some of the UCSF faculty were apparently complicit in the Middendorf Breath Institute’s effort to study their Experience
                of Breath technique. I am not suggesting that…

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Medical Benchmarks

This is an interesting article published in the latest issue of CMAJ regarding medical benchmarks, clinically acceptable waiting times for both urgent and non-urgent procedures.  The recommendations were set forth by 6 specialty councils with no reference to the data used to support their recommendations.
Download MedicalBenchMarks.pdf

Obviously time and expense drive health care costs and it…

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