EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: The Comparing, Judging, Crazy Mind

Welcome back to the EIM Inside Leadership Podcast with Dr. Daphne Scott!  Daphne is talking about comparison and how it will get you nowhere…except tired, worn out and feeling worse.  Our minds have two jobs: going into the past and going into the future.  With that said, there are a few main functions of the mind.  It typically falls…

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We Do Not Do The Basics Well

Any PT or PT student that knows me has heard me say “experts do the basics extraordinarily well.”  In fact, this is the motto of my teaching approach for entry-level students, guiding students through foundational psychomotor skills such as the neuromotor screen (dermatomes, myotomes, reflexes), manual muscle testing and goniometric measurement.  I harp on doing these in a standardized…

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Turning on the Lights

Enjoy this Clinical Pearl written by KinetaCore Faculty Member, Chris Juneau, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Picture this: You did exactly what you wanted! You made great use of your training course and safely dry needled your first patient. It was flawless, and you made a change. The patient felt it and you saw it. In the midst of imaginary jump…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Overreaching on Resilience

Welcome back to EIM’s Inside Leadership Podcast with Daphne Scott!  Today, Daphne will be discussing resilience.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back from less than savory experiences in life.  Resilience is NOT toughing it out.  It is not enduring those things that are completely intolerable.  It does not mean that staying up extremely late to get work done…

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The State Compact Storm: What Hurricane Harvey Taught Us About Interstate Licensure

The aftermath of September 2017 will not soon be forgotten. Early on in the month, Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston and left massive, widespread destruction in its path. Irma followed quickly thereafter, wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and Florida. Now, Maria has left Puerto Rico devastated in its wake. At the same time, wildfires ravaged the Pacific Northwest. And while…

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Clinical Podcast: Inspiration for Personal and Professional Growth with Dr. Amy Pakula

This week, on the EIM Clinical Podcast, John and Jeff are joined by Dr. Amy Pakula, private practice owner in Bozeman, MT.  Amy has been an inspiration for Jeff’s personal and professional growth.  Amy is an incredible person with an amazing amount of drive, skill, and compassion in working with her patients.

Amy, Jeff, and John discuss a multitude…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: Get A Life Outside of Work…If You Want to Be Happy

Welcome back to the Inside Leadership Podcast with Daphne Scott!  Today, Daphne will be discussing that if you want to be happy in your work environment and with your work, overall, that you need to “get a life” outside of work. This is absolutely essential to your happiness and success in work.

Daphne shares statistics about what people say really…

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O Body Part, Where Art Thou? (Says the Brain) – Part III: Making Patients Think

The final blog in this 3-part series introduces Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) and its role in treating pain and movement dysfunctions.  The introduction is used to help create a focus on a key principle of GMI: making patients think. Engaging a patient’s mind during daily clinical practice can be challenging, but in doing so there may be a…

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The Mind Has It

I went to PT school way back in the Dark Ages, when everything was extremely heavily pathoanatomically based and while we talked about the biopsychosocial model, no one was particularly clear on how to implement it. However, I think most of us are well aware of the advances we have seen in pain sciences and the impact of the –psycho…

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