The Next Big Thing

It’s that time of the New Year for predictions on what the “Next Big Thing” for 2017 might be.
I want to go on record to say, pain neuroscience is NOT the “Next Big Thing” in physical therapy. This may surprise a few of you, but hopefully I can explain. Now that I get to check the “20+” box…

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EIM Clinical Podcast: Population Health with Mike Eisenhart

This week on The EIM Clinical Podcast, we chat with Mike Eisenhart, who is pivotal in the topic of “population health” in physical therapy.  Mike shares what population health really is as well as his role in population health, the challenges that we, as physical therapists face, and some solutions we can apply to our practices and businesses.

Mike also…

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#physicaltherapy Predictions 2017

A week or two tardy on this year’s predictions.  Here is a link to last year which also links to prior years and you can grade me as you like.

1. Indiana wants me. Reminiscent of R. Dean Taylor’s 1970 hit, Indiana will be a significant part of the healthcare conversation. Why? Vice-President Mike Pence and his…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Private Practice Expertise with Sam Brown

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, we’re going to kick off the Kentucky Series with Sam Brown. For the next few episodes, we’ll be interviewing guests that you probably already know or have heard from to give you tips in practice management.

Today, Sam, who has been in private practice since 1975, is sharing his wealth…

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Regional Interdependence – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Regional interdependence is a term coined by Wainner et al in an article published in 2007 and is defined as:

“The concept that seemingly unrelated impairments in a remote anatomical region may contribute to, or be associated with, the patient’s primary complaint.”

Now, this idea that parts of the body are interconnected has been in existence in Physiotherapy for…

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EIM Clinical Podcast: How Dry Needling Improves Function with Dr. Edo Zylstra

Dr. Edo Zylstra, the CEO of KinetaCore, joins us today on the EIM Clinical Podcast! KinetaCore is a leading provider of dry needling education in the country and recently partnered with Evidence In Motion!

Edo discusses the benefits of Functional Dry Needling® and how it can help certain patients achieve quicker recovery and improved function. He also discusses the debate…

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Clinical Podcast: The Movement System with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

Dr. Shirley Sahrmann joins us this week on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Shirley is most well-known for her popularization of the Movement System Impairment Syndromes (MSI) courses which teaches how to properly observe, identify, and treat impairments of the movement system.

Dr. Sahrmann shares her journey in physical therapy and the world of academics. She’s very honest and…

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