Clinical Podcast: Get Into the Real World Community | Dr. Cole Galloway

Dr. Cole Galloway joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast this week!  Dr. Galloway is on faculty at the University of Delaware and is a researcher focused on the pediatric side of PT.  Cole is well-known for Go Baby Go, which is designed to help ensure that kids and adults of all ages have a right to movement.  He…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Private Practice Section with Terry Brown

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Terry Brown. Terry is the President of the Private Practice Section (PPS) of the APTA, COO of Pro•Active Therapy, and CEO of Therapy Care, Inc. to name a few. Terry shares his background from starting in pain management to advancing private practice PT and his extensive…

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I am a Motherless Daughter

My momma died from a long-fought battle against cancer. I am a motherless daughter and have been now for over half of my life. I’m 23.

There. I finally (finally!) said it.

My name is Alexis Morgan, and I’m a 3rd year DPT student. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several of you through various PT…

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Millennial Maladies: Will the Pain Epidemic Get Worse Before It Gets Better?


Around the holidays, an 18-minute viral video made its way to my inbox via my friend and respected colleague, Dr. Louie Puentedura. It was an interview with New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker and business consultant Simon Sinek, discussing Millennials in the work place. Louie posted it with the remark that it may help us better…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Outcomes Management with Al Amato

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, we bring on Al Amato, who is heavily involved with outcomes management in physical therapy. Al Amato is one of the founders of FOTO, Inc. (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes).

Al Amato is the President and Co-Owner of FOTO, Inc.  He has over forty years of experience as a Physical therapist and…

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I Still Believe Physical Therapy is the Worst Kept Secret in Healthcare

I still believe physical therapy is the WORST kept secret in healthcare. Last year I wrote a blog titled “Physical Therapy – The WORST Kept Secret in Healthcare” which allowed for some great discussion by the readers on the topic of physical therapy and where we fit into the healthcare system.   This blog post followed an open discussion called the “Chelan…

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You Are What You Drink

There is a question that I now ask almost every patient during their initial appointment; it’s one that I never would have predicted would become such a common part of my repertoire and yet the answers that I get to it are often enlightening. No, it’s not the “do you have pain with sex?” question (though I do…

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Clinical Podcast: The Pros and Cons of Residency | Dr. Zac Morgan

Dr. Zac Morgan joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast this week!  Zac is a new clinician doing his residency at Texas PTS inside of Evidence In Motion.  Zac will be discussing what it’s like to be in residency, why one would want to be in residency, and the pros and cons of the program.

One of the main…

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