Clinical Podcast: Challenges and Opportunities in Physical Therapy with Dr. Tim Fearon

Dr. Tim Fearon joins us, this week, on the EIM Clinical Podcast!  Tim is a legend, mentor-extraordinaire, and gifted clinician. Tim currently practices in an outpatient private practice specializing in orthopedic manual therapy and spinal rehabilitation where he has been for the last 28 years. He founded Phoenix Manual Therapy, which initially offered courses, based on the Nordic System…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: Everyone is Just Making Everything Up!

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, we are talking about creativity.  But not in a way that you have probably thought about before.  We discover that everyone is just making everything up!  What happens when we leave our preconceptions behind?  Is there a process we can use to support a team’s creativity and our own?  Why do we keep…

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3 Tips to Reduce No-Shows

Did you have several patients not show up for their appointments this week?
Join the club.

Patient no-shows can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a therapist’s job, with good reason.

We put all time and effort into the initial evaluation, entering information into the EMR, calculating functional limitations, outlining the plan of care, designing a…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Empathy Fatigue

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, Dr. Larry Benz discusses something extremely important that, not only do we all face, but also is normal.  It’s called empathy fatigue.  Each of us, at some point or another, will get burned out in our professions.  This type of burn out isn’t just caused by mundane tasks, as those…

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A Victory for PT’s?????? #physicaltherapy

I admit to being a little jaded when it comes to Medicare reimbursement and policies in #physicaltherapy and there have been tons of posts on this blog reflecting this sentiment. Perhaps this cynical perspective is what caused me to find it quite odd that so many are claiming victory in the recent release of the proposed 2018 Medicare physician fee…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: The Intelligence of Emotions with Dr. Rob Wainner

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Dr. Rob Wainner joins us to discuss the intelligence of emotions.  Not emotional intelligence, but the actual intelligence of emotions.  The wisdom of emotions.  We will be talking about how to get in touch with our “inner life” and how we come to our emotional life with a sense of balance.  For example, not…

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Communication is Everything

One of the things I have been thinking about a lot recently is how vital it is that we communicate well with our patients. We are given the unique privilege and challenge of meeting someone, listening empathetically to their story, and trying to gain their confidence and trust enough for them to be comfortable with us touching them in intimate…

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Clinical Podcast: Concussion Management with Dr. Jessica Schwartz

Dr. Jessica Schwartz joins us, this week, on the EIM Clinical Podcast!  Jess is a physical therapist and expert in the management of concussion.  Jess has very interesting perspective, not only from the professional standpoint as a PT, but also from a personal standpoint, having gone through a motor vehicle accident and journeying through the healthcare system, managing her own…

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Inside Leadership Podcast: Using our Genius with Nancy Stubbs

Today, on the Inside Leadership Podcast, Nancy Stubbs (@nancycoach), an executive leadership coach as well.  Nancy is a certified Big Leap Coach and a certified Kolbe Assessment Test consultant.  She specializes in team, talent, and empowerment.

Nancy and Dr. Daphne Scott will discuss a unique perspective on our strengths, specifically using our “genius!”  They talk about what our genius is…

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