A Loss of Balance

November 12, 2013 by

It’s a gorgeous fall day in Michigan. A gentle breeze fills the air. People of all ages are out raking leaves. Squeals fill the air as children run and jump into a pile of leaves. A blood curling scream blasts through the neighborhood. A 60 year old man, who was raking and burning leaves, lost his balance and fell into the fire of burning leaves. He’s crawling, stumbling and trying to get out of the fire. Sadly, he fails at escaping the flames. He dies.

True Michigan story from the weekend.

Life shouldn’t end that way… Did he know he had balance deficits? Had he been screened by anyone for balance deficits? If he was screened, was the screening only a single question, “Have you fallen in the last year?”

We have a huge role in this area… we are movement specialists. We have information at our fingertips to help everyone who walks through our doors!

EIM and Tiffany Shubert created a phone app to help reduce falls based on the STEADI.

The CDC put together a FREE fall toolkit called STEADI anyone can use.

The Carolina Geriatric Education Center offers assistance learning about the Otago.

A burning death in a pile of raked leaves due to a loss of balance…

My head can’t imagine how horrible he felt before his death… my heart goes out to his family…

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  1. mark boncser says:

    Sad. And thought provoking.

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