Helping patients to help themselves: Less is more in managing chronic pain

The patient-provider alliance is a term that is thrown around quite often in patient care related discussions. It’s a term that highlights the collaborative care model of bringing the patient to the forefront of the treatment decision making process in order to optimize individual patient outcomes and self-efficacy. As many are well aware, the history of healthcare…

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Feature Friday – Listening to Patients

For today’s Feature Friday, I thought we’d highlight an interview that our good friend Bridget Finley from Physical Therapy Central in Oklahoma recently did with a former patient on FOX25 news. The specifics of the video are less relevant than the general takeaways, namely giving the patient a chance to share her story. If you listen closely, you…

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We Have to Break Up

We have all been there:  the relationship that once was, is now not.  The time has come for the painfully awkward conversation surrounding “the break-up.”  We can all attest to these feelings when it comes to this.  Given the recent media buzz about the #Brangelina break-up, this post will dive into the PT-patient break-up.

Many have…

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Practice Leadership Podcast: Update of Payment Classification and Proposed CPT Evaluation Codes with Jeff Hathaway

We have a special episode of the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast this week! Joining us is Jeff Hathaway, CEO of Breakthrough Physical Therapy, who is an expert in payment and coding as well as innovative management in using physical therapy at the top of our licenses.

Jeff and Larry provide clarity on two important items as well as several minor…

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Speak Truth to Power

The new vision of the APTA transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience also speaks to our professional role in advocating for our clients and society.  Specifically it states, the physical therapy profession will advocate for patients/clients/consumers both as individuals and as a population, in practice, education, and research settings to manage and promote change…

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Clinical Podcast: The Perspective and Wisdom of a PT Student with Alexis Morgan

What’s the secret sauce to being in school full-time and balancing school, finances, and time, to name a few, in order to maximize future opportunities?

Alexis Morgan, one of John and Jeff’s mentees, join the EIM Clinical Podcast this week to share decisions that she’s made as well as practical actions to manage being a student…

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