Are You Withholding and Destroying Relationships?

Withholding. We’ve all been there. Having something we want and need to say but then not saying it. We call this the fool’s choice in relationships. Sure, there’s always a long list of “reasons” (excuses) of why we don’t want to share what’s on our mind and bothering us, but here’s the thing:


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A Bridge for Inference

Inference is a fascinating word. It has dual meanings that can describe both the process of thinking and the conclusions from thinking. Inference is associated with the intellectual ability to reason, think, and solve problems. defines it as:
“conclusions drawn from supporting evidence and reasoning”.
Our lives are full of inferences where logical deductions are made based on…

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Clinical Podcast: Pursuing Excellence in PT Education with Dr. Tim Noteboom

Dr. Tim Noteboom joins the EIM Clinical Podcast, this week, to discuss how he pursues excellence in himself and in his students in bringing forth some of the best PT students and, thus, physical therapists. Dr. Noteboom oversees the development of the blended learning curriculum that EIM develops for its entry-level DPT and PTA academic partner institutions.

Tim is…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How to Retain Your Top Talent

How do we retain our top talent in our practice? Keeping your best people is such a good thing. We know the hiring process can be lengthy and even costly so we want to ensure that we create an environment worth staying in. Sometimes, however, we have a tough time keeping these great people. This is when we need to…

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Be Grateful, Not Hateful

This past weekend the basketball team at my alma mater Nebraska took a united stand against hatred, racism, and violence. “Hate will never win” was on the T-shirts worn by the Huskers before and during the game. The athletes and coaches unified message was in response to white nationalist videos that surfaced earlier that week by a UNL student…

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“It’s Going To Be Okay.”

When teaching weekend courses we often refer to this statement as some of the most powerful words in medicine. The ability to deliver reassurance to our patient that things are going to be okay can have a powerful effect on their outcome. As with everything that can have a powerful effect, that effect can be positive or negative depending on…

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Clinical Podcast: Accessed Care for Pediatric Patients with Dr. Kendra Gagnon

Dr. Kendra Gagnon joins the EIM Clinical Podcast this week! Dr. Gagnon is a pediatric therapist by background and currently on faculty in the hybrid DPT Program at Baylor University. Kendra is very passionate about accessed care for pediatric patients and delivering healthcare to families where they live rather than in artificial environments.

John, Jeff, and Kendra discuss Kendra’s…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Creativity at Work

This week’s topic, on the EIM Inside Leadership Podcast, is creativity at work. Joining us is Teddy Heidt, the founder and Creative Officer of the Gauge Collective, a digital marketing anti-agency.

We’re always being asked to be creative all day at work. How do we best accomplish that and how do we keep it going? Teddy works…

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